BAIC stands for Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co, Ltd. It is a Chinese state-owned holding company of several automobile is entering into Pakistan market in collaboration with Sazgar Motors and is introducing its adventure vehicle BJ40 Plus 2022.Baic BJ40 price in pakistan

Now they are going to launch a new car and people are looking at the price of Baic BJ40 Plus 2022 in Pakistan. This is the latest invention of this company in Pakistan as in the last two years many foreign companies have come to this platform and launched different cars.

Baic BJ40 with new features, images, and reviews below here:
Baic BJ40 plus Variants with price

The latest price of Sazgar Baic BJ40 Plus 2022  is PKR 6900000 but is not authentic as they have not officially announced the latest price then we will share it in this article. The details and features of this car are also written below but the appearance of this car in the picture is very impressive.

BAIC BJ40 Plus  2022 Exterior

The construction of the Baic BJ40 Plus 2022  is uneven and the car has a terrible presence on the road. In addition, the ultra-high anti- roll frame, with 210mm ground clearance, prevents the vehicle from rolling on dirt roads. The piano painting on the front grilled body with the vertical models gives the car an amazing mood.BAIC BJ40 Plus Exterior 2022

The BJ40 plus has LED daytime running lights and front combo headlamps. the fog lamps include front and rear. In addition, the entire interior is illuminated with monochromatic and polychromatic ambient lighting. An LED high-mounted stop lamp and LED rear combination tail lamp are also included in the package. The front and rear bumpers, as well as the exterior, are mostly covered in brilliant silver. The vehicle also has a red two bar on the front and rear of the car.

BAIC BJ40 Plus 2022  Interior

The interior of the BJ40 Plus is simple and bold, which complements its robust outlook. A steering control switch is located on the leather-wrapped steering wheel. For the convenience of the driver, it can be easily changed by changing its angle. Behind the steering wheel is a 10.25? full-size LCD instrument screen showing the ability to change themes with height, pressure, height, direction, and atmospheric pressure. Driving is made easier and more convenient by the manual anti-glare internal rearview mirror.

BAIC BJ40 Plus Interior 2022

In the BJ40 Plus 2022, there is a 220V power outlet for charging gadgets. All of the seats can be adjusted. For a more pleasant ride, all of the headrests can be adjusted and the back seats can be reclined as well making the vehicle suited for long and tiresome expeditions. The backseats of BJ40 Plus  2022 may also be flipped with a 60/40 ratio to add storage capacity. The vehicle’s front fascia houses a 12.3? central control panel which allows one to use all multimedia services as well as the calling service. The hi-fi sound system’s 6 speakers provide a lively environment for the passengers. Two USB ports, as well as an aux input, are available for connecting or charging devices.  The BJ40 Plus also has automatic air conditioning, which is controlled by daylight sensors. It also contains a CN95 air filtration system which is designed for automotive use, to improve the air quality within the car

BAIC BJ40 Plus 2022 Colors 

It  has available in different following colors:

  • Polar night black
  • Snow white
  • Flame red
  • Jungle green
  • Quiet night blue


The BJ40 Plus  2022 is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine that produces 218 horsepower at 5500 rpm and 320 Nm at 4500 Rpm and is complemented by a six-speed automatic transmission with four driving modes: eco, comfort, sport, and snowfield. A new-generation electric part-time 4WD system is also included with modes such as 4H and 4L.


BAIC BJ40 Plus  2022 has all of the features you’ll need for off-road and civic activities. There are many safety and driver-assistance systems in the car to make the ride more comfortable and safe. BJ40’s sturdy body frame prevents it from rotating and allows it to drive on hard surfaces.

Baic BJ40 2022 Competitors

BJ40 Plus is similar to the Wrangler Jeep and has direct competition in the international market. BJ40 Plus has no direct competition in Pakistan due to its unique features. some of the vehicles that share some features with the BJ40 Plus are Haval H6, Toyota  Fortuner, and Toyota Hilux Revo.

  • Haval H6: lies in the same price range and has the same fuel consumption as the BJ40 Plus but is more suitable for driving in the city.
  •   Toyota Fortuner: is perfect for off-road adventures but not as powerful as the BJ40 Plus.
  • Toyota Hilux: on the other hand is a strong pickup with extra boot space and a stealthy exterior which makes it suitable for off-roading. The big difference is that this  SUV  is not a jeep-like jeep-like BJ40 Plus 2022.
  • In the words, we can say that this model of car is looking good and affordable price to purchase this car. 

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