BMW cars are very expensive as compared to other cars because they are giving outstanding features and Specifications that entertain the people who are traveling. MW Company manufactures luxury cars all over the world, while some countries are working on manufacturing plans that will ship all over the world. On the other hand, people are looking at the price of BMW cars in Pakistan 2022 New model is available on this page. In addition, the latest technology is installed in every BMW automobile. Also, the interior and exterior of all BMW vehicles are listed below with full specifications and features that provided by BMW car in Pakistan 2022 New model. There are multiple functions as well as specifications and key features of BMW’s new model design and shapes.


BMW 7 2022 Price in Pakistan

  and price details. There are many other features about the seating capacity, horsepower, engine rating, and fuel mileage.

 BMW 7 showrooms are present in different cities of Pakistan. They offer both sales and support services to their regulars. If you are low on reasonable, you can buy a used BMW 7 as it will allow you to save a handsome amount.

BMW 2022 Price in Pakistan New Model

BMW 2022 Price in Pakistan New Models

Variant Price in PKR
7 Series 730Ld DPE Signature 1.42 Crore
7 Series 740 Li M Sorpt 1.44 Crore
7 Series 740 Li M Sport Edition. 1.46 Crore
7 Series 740 Li M Sport Edition Individual. 1.50 Crore
7 Series 745Le x Drive 1.76 Crore

BMW 2022 Interior in Pakistan New Model

 The BMW 2022 Price in Pakistan interior is comfortable for both drivers and passengers. The car possesses several advanced features.

BMW Interior key features 2022 in Pakistan

BMW 7 2022 Interior

  • Power starring system 
  • Outsider temperature
  • Air-conditioned 
  • Digital clock 
  • Engine start-up button 
  • Classic and multi-function steering system 
  • Leather and electronic adjustable seats front and back
  • Leather steering wheel 
  • 4 seats 
  • 4 to 6 persons sitting capacity 

BMW  2022 Exterior in Pakistan New Model

 The BMW 7 exterior is durable due to the enhanced build quality. Overall, the car has an appealing outlook.

BMW Exterior key features 2022 in PakistanBMW 7 2022 Exterior


  • Adjustable headlights front and back 
  • Adjustable mirror 
  • Rain-sensing 
  • Key Specifications of BMW 7 Series

    BMW  2022 Colors in Pakistan New Model

     BMW  is available in different appealing colors.

    BMW  Series is available in 23 different colors – Cashmere Silver, Brilliant White Metallic, Azurite Black Metallic, Tanzanite Blue, Black, Dravite Grey Metallic, Glacier Silver, Black Sapphire, Alpine White, Frozen Cashmere Silver Metallic, Red Metallic, Bernina Grey Amber Effect, Mineral White, Pure Metal Silver, Imperial Blue Brilliant Effect, Arctic Grey Brilliant Effect, Frozen

    BMW specification 2022 in Pakistan New Model

    Mileage 7.96 km
    Fuel Type Petrol
    Engine Displacement (cc) 6592
    No. of cylinder 12
    Max Power ([email protected]) [email protected]
    Max Torque ([email protected]) [email protected]
    Seating Capacity 4
    TransmissionType Automatic
    Fuel Tank Capacity 78.0
    Body Type Sedan

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    Availability BMW 2022 in Pakistan New Model

     BMW 7  spare parts can be easily accepted from different automobile markets in Pakistan. The information can also be composed of the BMW 7 showroom in Pakistan for more information.


    BMW Competitors in Pakistan 2022

  •  Audi
  • Mercedes
  • Jaguar
  • Volvo
  • Lexus 
  • Skoda
  •  Honda

    Final Verdict

    in the Verdict of this article, we can say that It was so expensive car, which was only affordable for high standard community and rich families, who not only afford this car but also manage Pakistani roads as the rich family. BMW 2022 Price in Pakistan New Model , Car Review and Pics are available, you can read complete article to judge its specifications and Features in Pakistan 2022 new model.


Which is the highest Price model of BMW in Pakistan?

BMW X7 is the highest model i.e 76330000/-

Which is the lowest Price model of BMW?

BMW i3 is the lowest price model which is 15435000/-

What is the best Fuel average model of BMW?

BMW i 5 series models.

What is the upcoming model of BMW 2022 in Pakistan?

The upcoming model of BMW is Xi7 Car in Pakistan.

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