This page features a complete catalogue of all new vehicles available in Pakistan for less than 20 million rupees in the year 2023. Honda, Suzuki, and Toyota are just a few of the many firms have a local presence in Pakistan. While competitors like Honda and Toyota refuse to offer vehicles priced under 2 million rupees, Suzuki is generously doing so. Further, every single Suzuki model will be described in minute depth, as this information is highly sought after by prospective buyers. So, everything is laid out for the consumers’ convenience. Car Under 20 Lac in Pakistan 2023.

Brand-New Pakistani Vehicles Available for Less Than 20 Million Rupees in 2023

Find out how much each newly released Suzuki model costs right now. In addition, vehicles available for less than 20 Lakh are shown below.

  • Suzuki Cultus Price in Pakistan 2023
fdsa 2
  • Suzuki Wagon R Price in Pakistan 2023
Suzuki Wagon R 2021 Price in Pakistan
Suzuki Alto
All cars available for less than 20 Lakh are included, as are their fuel efficiency ratings and the one manufacturer offering them for less than 2 million rupees. Consumers today are quite conscientious about their fuel use, and they do extensive research to ensure that the automobile they choose gets excellent gas economy. To yet, only Suzuki has released a car with a really efficient engine. Yet, the business has established a new interior design trend by making sunroofs available as an option in certain of its vehicles.
The exterior is also very stylish, and these may be had in a variety of colours to suit individual tastes. The moment to purchase a pre-owned car is now. Additionally, we will update this page if and when these manufacturers introduce new automobiles priced at less than 20 Lakhs. All you need to know about the latest vehicles available in Pakistan for under 20 million rupees in 2023 is right here.


Who is the best family car?

  • Suzuki alto
  • Suzuki Cultus
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Suzuki Swift

Which car should I buy for 20 lakhs?

  • Suzuki Cultus
  • Suzuki Mehran
  • Toyota Vitz
  • Suzuki Alto

Which car has highest mileage in Pakistan?

  • Toyota Prius

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