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Changan Motors has just lately shown off the Changan M8 2023. The price of a Changan M8 pickup in Pakistan in 2023 has been listed. Today, the Changan vehicle brand is one of the most well-known and well-respected brands in all of Pakistan. Changan is responsible for producing a sizeable number of individuals who would rather purchase an M8. You are able to compare the M8 price in Pakistan to various Changan vehicle specs while still performing your analysis. It is important for anyone buying or selling an automobile to have a thorough understanding of all of the vehicle’s characteristics and technical specifications.

Changan M8 2022 Price in Pakistan

Changan M8 2023 Price in Pakistan

The Changan M8 2023 price is PKR 1,336,000 in Pakistan.

Different Variants

Variant Factory Price
Changan M8 Base Model 1.0 PKR 1,336,000

Pros and Cons

  • Alternative that’s an Upgrade over Suzuki Ravi
  • Capable of Holding a Lot
  • Tiny Dimensions
  • Spares are prohibitively expensive.
  • A Vehicle With Low Mileage


The Changan M8 2023 is designed to withstand the elements thanks to the high-quality build. The car has, on the whole, an appealing physical look. The Changan M9 is a one-ton pickup truck that was specifically manufactured for Changan. It has a deck that is 3 metres (9 feet) long, which can suit any and all freight requirements.



The gear shift lever for the cluster of Monochromatic Meters is located in an accessible and handy location. The placement of the steering wheel improves comfort and efficiency. The cabin of the M8 2023, which is equipped with various cutting-edge technology, will be enjoyable for the driver as well as the passenger.

Changan M8 Interior

Colors Options

  • White


The M8 2023 comes standard with a 1.0-liter engine, the same one found in the Changan Karvaan and Changan Karvaan Plus. As a result, you can expect to achieve similar fuel economy, which ranges from 10 to 12 kilometres per litre on average, depending on the vehicle’s load and the driver’s style.

Changan M8 Specifications

Price PKR 13.4 lacs
Body Type Pick Up
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 4080 x 1485 x 1810 mm
Ground Clearance 150 mm
Displacement 999 cc
Transmission Manual
Horse Power 68 hp
Torque 92 Nm
Boot Space 0 L
Kerb Weight 1070 KG
Fuel Type Petrol
Mileage 10 – 12 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity 40 L
Seating Capacity 2 – Persons
Top Speed 120 KM/H
Tyre Size 165/60/R13

Changan M8 2023 Competitors

Changan M8 2023 compete with FAW Carrier, Suzuki Ravi and Changan M9 in market.


FAW Carrier

  • The FAW Carrier 2023 Price in Pakistan is PKR 1,004,000 to PKR 1,024,000
  • Displacement of FAW Carrier is 970 cc
  • Mileage is 14-15 KM/L
  • Top Speed FAW Carrier is 110-140KM/HFAW Carrier


Suzuki Ravi

  • The Suzuki Ravi 2023 Price in Pakistan is PKR 1,424,000
  • Displacement of Suzuki Ravi is 796 CC
  • Mileage is 14 – 18 KM/L
  • Top Speed Suzuki Ravi is120 KM/HSuzuki Ravi


Changan M9

  • The Changan M9 2023 Price in Pakistan is PKR 2,184,000
  • Displacement of Changan M9 is 999cc
  • Mileage is 10 – 12 KM/H
  • Top Speed is120 KM/HChangan M9



What is the price of Changan M8 new in Pakistan?

Changan M8 Base Model 1.0 costs PKR 1,336,000 in Pakistan.

Is M8 a 2 seater?

The BMW M8 is a 2-door, 4-seater coupe that retails for between 2.23 and 2.55 crore. It comes with either a 4395 cc engine or an automatic transmission (TC).

What is the loading capacity of Changan M8?

  • 800kg to 1Ton

Why is V8 so special?

More power and quicker acceleration are typical with V8 engines. That’s why V8s are widely advertised as suitable for use in muscle cars.

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