Hino Kazay is the most popular Japanese bus manufactures. Hinko Kazay has been providing high quilty bus services in Pakistan for many years. In recent, the company has obtained appreciable market shares in Pakistan due to its outstanding progress. At the begging 2023, Hino Kazay introduced its latest bus models in the Pakistan market. Which consist of being equipped with advanced features and specifications to fulfill the transportation needs of the country. This article presents an overview of the Hino Kazay bus price in Pakistan 2023 specifications. That helps buyers make informed decisions based on their specific requirements. The buyer wants to know Hino Kazay Bus Prices in Pakistan 2023 Specifications.

Hino Kazay Bus Prices in Pakistan 2023 Specifications

Hino Kazay Bus Prices in Pakistan 2023 Specifications

Hino Kazay Bus Price 

The expected price of the Hino Kazay bus is 2.5 crores PKR.

Hino Kazay Bus Specifications

The new model year 2023 Hino Kazay buses will include a manual transmission with six forward gears and one reverse gear, according to the bus’s specifications. Dual pane glass doors and a roomy interior are just some of the excellent amenities that come standard. Tires with an aluminum rim and a tubeless design have a higher load-bearing capability and are more durable. The airbags and suspension dampers are additional safety features. The bus, meantime, is fully automated with electrical features and cameras both in front and behind the driver’s seat. You can learn about the brochure’s fog lights and many other cutting-edge options down below.


In conclusion, Hino Kazay is a top-tier bus producer that has expanded its presence in the Pakistani market. In order to meet the growing demand for transportation across the country, the firm plans to introduce many new models of buses in early 2023. Bus prices in Pakistan are likely to change based on the make, model, and options installed, but Hino Kazay has a reputation for offering reasonable transportation options, so its buses should be cheap to a wide spectrum of clients. Buyers have their pick of several different Hino Kazay bus models to suit their needs and budgets. New models of the Hino Kazay bus are being introduced in Pakistan with the hope that they will help improve the country’s transportation infrastructure and give locals a more convenient way to go around.


How many seats does a Hino Kazay bus have?
There are 46 seats on the Hino Kazay bus.
What is the price of the Hino Kazay bus in Pakistan?
Hino Kazay bus’s expected price is 2.5 crores PKR.
How much fuel does a Hino Kazay bus use per km?
A 4.9 km/L (20L/100km) to a 6.4 km/L (15.6L/100km) fuel economy has been attributed to the Hino Kazay Bus.
How much diesel is required for 100 km on Hino Kazay Bus?
The buses typically consume 25-30 gallons of fuel for every 100 kilometers traveled.

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