Honda 125 Special Edition is one of the most favorite bikes in Pakistan. Honda self-start is very popular among the people of Pakistan. Honda’s self-start feature was embedded in Honda150 cc at first but with the passage of time people want to get these features at Honda 125. According to the requirements of the people, Company takes the initiative to launch the Special Edition Honda 125 with the auto-start feature. People can see all the new features and specifications given below on this page. People can check the latest Honda 125 Special Edition Self-start 2022 Price in Pakistan.

The Honda 125 SP E with multiple new features and additional specifications. The new price of this model is approximately 1,98,500/- PKR. There is a little change that occurs with the changing of petroleum products or dollar price increment or decrements while prices change a little bit high or low in Pakistan. It has much more price as compared to 125 manual or kick start (manual) so that it has auto-start function with   more features.

Honda 125 Special Edition in Pakistan 2022 Self Start Specs

Honda 125 Special Edition in Pakistan 2022 Self Start Specs

Honda SP Price 1,98,500/- PKR

Note that in Pakistan there are a little bit prices low or high at the fluctuation of the dollar and change in economy in Pakistan.

 Honda 125 SP E features

  • Self-start Function is newly added at this model
  • Modern black paint silencer
  • Silencer core with thrilling sound
  • Good brightness of front light with high quality
  • Front light is very attractive and high brightness
  • Comfortable seat with rear grip
  • New design of tank with attractive new design
  • Good speedo meter with quality
  • Smokeless engine with 4 strokes
  • Strong Engine with 4 strokes
  • bake light with new and special design

Honda 125  Specifications

There are multiple specifications of this model as it has worth according to its additional features and new model. It has a good design and attractive colors and also an eye cache silencer black color with trilling sound. Gray sides with the new design of this model are very graceful and attractive. There are many specifications like engine oil capacity, Fuel Average, minimum to maximum, and Speed. Some key Specifications are as follows.

4 stroke 125 cc OHV  with Air Cooled 800 km/ L engine Oil capacity Fuel Average minimum 35 km max. 40 km
Self-start Exceptional control Black silencer
Kick start 5-speed Silencer with stirring sound
Big break Drum Roller Chain Black shade silencer

Here are the key specifications and features provided for the information of people. You can check all model new Prices and the latest features with additional functions and Specifications. All models have different models of  bike Prices in Pakistan 2022. You can check regularly this page for the latest information and new models of Honda as well as manual models launched by the manufacturer Company of Honda.

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