Honda Crider CR is the new Generation model launched by Honda. Honda Crider has a beautiful look and design. For people who want to search for Honda Crider 2022 Price in Pakistan, the Specs, and features are in the right place. The Price Range of this car is 45 lac to 55 lac but this is not an accurate price. The range is given for the price of this model. There are multiple features and specifications of this model. The Price is high as compared to other models as the European people like and accessed this car. The Functions and Honda Crider 2022 Price in Pakistan, Specs are given below.

Honda Crider 2022 Price in Pakistan

Honda Crider is the best model of Honda Company. The Price range is between the millions. There are many specifications and a beautiful outlook of this vehicle So the Price is high in Pakistan. The Estimation cost of this car is 5500000/- PKR.

Model Honda Crider (CR)
Price 45,00,000/- to 55,00,000/- PKR

The exact price of this vehicle is not mentioned above. The range is given where the price lies between them.

Honda Crider Exterior

The Exterior of the Honda Crider is very attractive and Eye-catching. The outer look of this car enhanced the grace of this model Honda Crider 2022. There are many colors that increase the beauty of this model. There are three primary attractive colors Black, white, and Silver. Many colorful shades are seen to be very nice, graceful, and glitter when traveling on the highway. The front side of this car sports its design and look.  The length and width of this model are 4756 and 1804 mm and the height of this vehicle is 1509 mm.

Honda Crider 2022 Price in Pakistan, Specs

Honda Crider Interior

Speaking of the interior design of the Honda Crider, here you can find out about the details. If you have tried Accord, you may notice and observe many similarities in them but Honda Crider is way better compared to Accord. Plus you have that roomy interior that comes with 60/40 split options. Also, the dashboard of this car features an 8-inch infomercial screen. They give you Apple and Android connections. Please note that this is available with a detection system. It offered lane control settings and also yaw control settings. You may be wondering what the seating arrangement of this Honda Crider is, here you can find out. All rear and front seats have a luxurious look. The Comfortable seats add to the beauty and demand of this vehicle.  The integrated system is very nice and attractive.

Honda Crider 2022 Price in Pakistan, Specs

Honda Crider Specifications 2022 in Pakistan

  • Fuel Consumption is minimum of 4.9 Liter per 100 km.
  • Torque 173/2000-4500 Nm/RPM
  • Power range is 90/5500 kW/RPM
  • Transmission speed is 5-speed
  • CVT Transmission

The Fuel consumption range is as a lot minimal as 4.nine Liter/ a hundred kilometer. Furthermore, the most torque presented with the aid of using its miles 173/2000-4500 Nm/rpm. Its strength variety is as much as 90/5500 kW/rpm. Honda Crider gives you five-pace standard transmissions and it even gives CVT transmission. As you may see that this vehicle version has this unique EV and runs at the hybrid power mode options! You also are allowed to run and function it at the engine power mode.

Honda Crider Mileage in Pakistan

This is one of the best cars that give outstanding mileage and distance covered. When people buy a new car then they want to know about the mileage, speed, and fuel average. These are some main factors that every customer wants to know about them so that this car covers 12 km distance with one litter petrol.

  • 12 km distance covered under 1 L fuel

These are the features and specifications of this vehicle. You can check all the latest prices and more updates from this page.

These are the features and specifications about this vehicle. You can check all latest prices and more updates from this page.

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