Jolta Electric Bike (JE) is the Electric bike having a new model 2022 now in Pakistan. it has introduced different models having multi-features and specifications over a continuous year. Jolta Electric bike 2022 model has different models like JE 70, JE 70 SE, JE Cycle, JE Scooty JE 70D, and JE 70L. These all models are now launched and fully functional in Pakistan. JE Electric Bike 2022 has multi-functions, specifications, and complete working with all aspects and its efficiency. Jolta Electric Bike has different prices with its specifications and features and Jolta Electric Bike price in Pakistan 2022 . The Expected Jolta Electric Bike price in Pakistan 2022 model is 93500/- PKR  and its specifications and all details are as follows.

Jolta Electric Bike price in Pakistan 2022 Model

Jolta Electric Bike (JE) has different models according to its different prices and specification in Pakistan in 2022. They have different prices, like 42000 – 1,10,000 as JE has Jolta Electric Cycle and other models. JE has different prices in Pakistan 2022 including JE 70, JE 70 SE, JE Cycle, and JE Scooty. Below are the prices of these models. Here are different models in the given table with different prices and battery power.

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Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2022 Model Specifications

Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2022 Model

Sr. # Models Prices Battery power in AH  
1 Jolta  Electric Cycle 42000 36/12 AH
2 Jolt Electric Bike JE 70 89,500 20 AH
3 JE 70 SE 93,500 20 AH
4 Jolta Electric Scooty 1,10,000 20 AH
5 JE 70D 1,19,000 20 AH

Jolta Electric Bike (JE) 2022 Model Specifications in Pakistan

Jolta Electric Bike has different functionalities and specifications according to its features and price. There is some specific key features and specifications JE Bike 2022 model in Pakistan. Here are some common features and specifications that have a key role in the full functionality of JE Bikes. This Bike Model Specification 2022 is given below

Jolta Electric JE Scooty Specifications 2022 model

 Jolta Electric Cycle 2022 Price in Pakistan

 Jolta Electric 70D Specifications 2022

 Jolta Electric JE 70L Specifications 2022

Jolta Electric JE 100L 2022 Specifications

Special Price: 1,88,000 PKR

Jolta Electric Bike Key Features 2022 in Pakistan

Economical price without mechanical motor Charging in 5 to 7 hours Back Bone Type Automatic starter Motor. current Automatic starter at 4AH Max and speed is 80 kilometers per trip.

  • Auto staticconsumption
  • Economical price
  • Automatic starter Motor
  • Charge in 5 to 7 hour
  • 80 Km maximum mileage after fully chared battery
  • Noiseless engine
  • No pollution
  • noise Light body

Jolta Electric Bike Colors 2022 Model in Pakistan

Jolta Electric Bike comes with two colors red and black.

  • Red
  • Black

Jolta Electric Bikes Charging Method

The question that arises, is how to charge an electric bike after use. Charging an electric bike is easy and effortless. After reading this paragraph once, you should set it up without hesitation. For the convenience of readers and e-bike owners, the e-bike charging procedure is described below.

First, remove the battery from the e-bike.

And then turn off the battery switch. After that, connect your charger to the battery. Now plug the charger that came with your bike into a power outlet. And lastly turn on the plug to start charging.

This is the way you should charge your e-bike, read them carefully and remove the battery from the bike very carefully.

Because with e-bikes, the battery is the most important thing in bikes and if the battery is mistreated, it will not work properly.

Jolta Electric Bike Top Speed

Jolta electric bikes travel 80 km after fully charged battery.

Jolta Electric Bike Battery Capacity

Jolta’s fully charged battery capacity is 80 km.


The Jolta E motorcycles are designed via way of means of Local manufacturers. E-motorcycles are designed to have efficaciously released their completely operational e-motorcycles in Pakistan. These E-Bikes are quite much like normal motorcycles in Pakistan. It is offered
in 3 variants – E70, E100, and E125. According to business enterprise officials,
those e-motorcycles are pretty cost-powerful and decrease the cash spent on
petrol. These e-motorcycles are specially for Pakistani cue-motorcycles. All-new
Jolta electric-powered motorcycles are fuel-loose, noiseless, smoke-loose, and
pollution-loose with environmentally pleasant due to the fact there may be no
mechanical engine.

I Hope that Jolta Electric Bikes Price in Pakistan 2022 lets you get the actual evaluation and rate of the bike.


What is the Price of Jolta Electric Bike in Pakistan?

The Prices of all variants and models of Jolta Electric bikes are as follows.

Models Prices
Jolta  Electric Cycle 42000
Jolt Electric Bike JE 70 89,500
JE 70 SE 93,500
Jolta Electric Scooty 1,10,000
JE 70D 1,19,000

What is the Top Speed of Jolta Electric Bike?

The Top speed of Jolta electric Bike is 80 Km/h.

Which motor is used in Jolta Ev Bike?

The 48 v, and 1000 motor is used in Jolta EV Bike.

What types of motors used in Jolta bikes?

The latest Technology is used in the Jolta EV bikes.

Is Jolta bike is available in Pakistan?

The above mentioned variants are available in Pakistan.

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