MG Marvel R is the latest electric compact crossover SUV from MG Motors. It was unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November 2020. The car is the successor to the Roewe Marvel X. The MG Marvel R is an all-electric vehicle equipped with 5G technology that has been built into the car in collaboration with Huawei. The electric SUV comes with a 132 kW lithium-ion battery and three electric motors. The system generates 132 kW of power and 410 Nm of torque. The MG Marvel R accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.9 seconds. MG Marvel R 2023 Price in Pakistan with latest features are given in this article. The expected MG Marvel R 2023 Price in Pakistan 66-70 lacks.

MG Marvel R 2022 Price in Pakistan

MG Marvel R 2023 all Specs & features, variants & prices, exterior, and interior of MG Marvel R

MG Marvel R 2023 Price in Pakistan

The MG MARVEL R is expected to cost around PKR 6,000,000 in Pakistan. This is an estimated price that does not include freight, taxes, or other documentation fees.

Model Price*
MG MARVEL R PKR 6,600,000-7000000 estimated

MG Marvel R 2023 Exterior

MG Marvel R has a futuristic external style. Its dynamic smooth C-pillar and low roof give the SUV a forward stance and create a proportionate characteristic. On the wheels, the entire waistline curls gently, producing a double arch shape. The frontal fascia has a thin LED band running through it, and the headlamps are styled with two light strips embedded with rectangular modules. A light strip runs across the back and the width of the back, forming an arrow feathers pattern. The MG center logo draws attention to the front and back of the vehicle.

MG Marvel R 2022 Price in Pakistan

MG Marvel R Performance and Drive

Because of its sporty chassis and calibration, the MG Marvel R delivers a balanced and strong performance. The all-wheel-drive arrangement makes driving on uneven terrain more pleasant, so you can enjoy your trips. It accelerates to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds, and the Sport plus package, along with the Winter mode, enhances your driving in inclement weather. The sporty chassis of the Marvel R is designed by a German team, and its subframe is built of aluminum alloy, decreasing the car’s weight and increasing handling. The i-Booster in the Marvel R improves braking performance and improves the driving pleasure. The MG Marvel R battery pack has a bigger module cell pack, which enhances volume, energy, and capacity. It has a range of 402 kilometers on electricity. Hair-pin winding technology, in which both electric motors function independently, ensures optimum efficiency and is more effective than the old method. A 3-phase onboard 11 kW rapid AC charger can readily charge the battery, and the 90 kW charging power can charge the battery to 80% in forty minutes. In comparison to the usual positive temperature coefficient, the heat pump in the MG Marvel R improves driving efficiency by 50%, giving you more confidence when driving in the cold. The 2-gear transmission provides a smooth driving experience, and the light-weighted power steering allows the driver to comfortably move the vehicle around turns. The SUV’s modest weight makes it easy to maneuver.

MG Marvel R 2022 Interior

The inside of the MG Marvel R is beautiful and comfy. The front seats in the higher-end trims are covered in Bader Nappa leather, and the imported vehicles offer heating and ventilation. The SUV seats five adults and has 64-color Aurora lights that provide a relaxing ambiance inside. The cabin is made up of 95% noise, vibration, and harshness-proof material, which keeps the cabin peaceful, and the sound system adds to the driving pleasure. Wherever you go, the panoramic sunroof lets fresh air and sunlight into the automobile. Four sets of sophisticated electric fan blades are included in the cabin, which automatically moderates temperature variations. To keep the air inside the Marvel R healthy, the purification system filters contaminants and some viruses.

MG Marvel R 2023 Features

The Bose audio system in the MG Marvel R produces a sound that is reminiscent of a concert hall. The digital cockpit in the MG Marvel R is made up of a 19.4-inch Gorilla glass screen and a 12.3-inch digital cluster that displays all of the car’s vital information. Wireless chargers will allow you to charge your smartphone wherever you desire. The clever 5G network infrastructure is up and running and ready to connect to the future. The trunk holds 375 liters, and the back seats can be lowered to extend the luggage capacity to 1398 liters, allowing you to transport a lot of stuff.

MG Marvel R 2022 Price in Pakistan


MG Marvel R 2023 Specification


The system generates 132 kW of power and 410 Nm of torque.

  • Electric
  • HORSEPOWER 109 hp


2 speed Automatic

MG Marvel Battery

  •  132 kW lithium-ion battery pack


  • 5


  • RWD


  • 18 inches

MG Marvel R Mileage

A fully charged MG Marvel R has a range of up to 402 kilometers. The battery takes 7 hours to fully charge and 25 minutes to quick charge.

Battery charging

The battery takes 7 hours to fully charge and 25 minutes to quick charge.

MG Marvel R Competitor


MG Marvel R 2022 is the new and latest model of car In Pakistan. It is available at a very affordable price which can be easily purchased by Pakistani average families. Its supports many new features as it is the latest model as mentioned above. MG Marvel R 2022 Price in Pakistan and all latest expected features are given in this article. MG Marvel is one of the best electric SUV model of MG.


What is the expected price of MG Marvel R 2023 in Pakistan?

The expected price of Mg Marvel is 66-70 lacks in Pakistan 2023.

What is the expected launch date of MG Marvel R 2023 model in Pakistan?

The expected launch is in the new year 2023.

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