The New Asia Loader Rickshaw has been launched by the Asia Company in Pakistan for many years. The Company has launched different models and products in Pakistan to facilitate the user as well as the people of Pakistan. They released more designed and good quality to compete with their competitors as different companies have launched different models of loader rickshaw and their relevant products. The Loader Rickshaw is used to deliver goods and different equipment to destinations in Pakistan. The price range of this model is 200,000 to 225,000 PKR. The latest price of the new Asia Loader Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2022 is available here. To check online features and specifications of the new Asia Loader Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2022 visit this page.

New Asia Loader Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2022

The Average price of this new model is given below as it is a little bit high due to better specification and engine power.

  • The price of this model is 200000/- PKR to 225000/- PKR.
  • Some variance of price is 25000 more the 225000/- PKR.
  • This difference is due to some EX- factors and dealers in Pakistan.

The Average price of this rickshaw in Pakistan is from 200,000 to 250,000 PKR. This is not the exact price even though it may vary depending on the engine specification, features, and Engine power whether 200cc or 150cc. The loader price is high due to the increment of taxes and fuel although every year a bit price high as compared to the previous year. It has a unique shape compared to other brands that offer the same type of loader. The quality of this loader is much better than other local brands in Pakistan. This loader is equipped and integrated with a heavy-duty bike and parts because we know that light bikes are not suitable for loading, since it is specially designed for cargo, so it is known to be super heavy-duty bike.

New Asia Loader Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2022

New Loader Rickshaw Colors in Pakistan

The one color is available in Pakistan till now as the company has no new color launched but it might be possible that the company lanced it with new colors and additional features. For further details and latest information, we will inform you as soon as possible when the company shared the latest info or new model, and check the home page

  • Metallic Red
  • The Metallic Red color is available in Pakistan

Specifications of Loader Rickshaw 2022


  • Air-cooled-Engine
  • 150 cc
  • 200 cc


  • Single front Tyre
  • Good quality tyre with tubes

Loading Capacity

  • 1000 kg


  • 5-Speed Gears
  • Reverse gear is also integrated


  • Metallic Red

Back Cabin size

  • Length 6-ft
  • Width 4-ft

Shock absorber

  • Heavy and flexible shocks absorber

The people who want to purchase Loader Rickshaw can view all details as well as specifications and Quality according to their work and business. The maximum load capacity of this loader is 1000 kg. So before buying this model you can check all details although this rickshaw is better than local brands as compared to others. You can see all specifications, prices, and additional features to visit this page.

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