In this modern, as you all know the global market for electric vehicles is growing rapidly. In 2021 the sales of electric vehicles accounted for almost 10% of total car sales.  Today, we are going to take a look at Rinco Aria 2022, the cheapest electric car in Pakistan. The entry-level hatchback is imported by Near Motors, and they are currently offered CBUS exclusively. The global market for electric vehicles is growing and Pakistan is trying to maintain it. The biggest problem with EVs in Pakistan is that most of them are high-end cars like Audi E Tron and BMW IX, but they can be far removed from cars like Aria.

Rinco Aria Price in Pakistan 2022

Rinco Aria Variants with price new features, Reviews, and Images

Rinco Aria 2022 Variants with Price

It has a more affordable price and the highest quality EV car for Rs.24 lacs, with duties of Rs.4.5 lacs. its cost may be less than Rs.2 Millian without duty, which is the lowest ever price for electric vehicles in Pakistan. Rinco Aria 2022  Price in Pakistan is estimated to start from PKR 2,400,000.

Model Price
Rinco Aria PKR 2,400,000

Rinco Aria 2022 Exterior

Unlike some strange–looking budget cars, the new EV Rinco Aria 2022  looks sleek and attractive. The front door of the car is very curved and minimalistic with large halogen headlights in the desired pattern. The black radiator grille is like a honeycomb. There are added to a stylish and attractive appearance on the front. plastic moldings have been added to the car’s front bumper, bonnet, and front fenders to make the car look stylish and attractive. The entire front is engraved with beautiful designs on hard plastic. In the car’s side look, you’ll find a non –retractable body with colorful side mirrors with LED turn has 13-inch chrome alloy wheels with imported tires and fairly basic door handles. It also has a sid character line from the front entrance to the rear end. The rear of the car is also packed with unique features such as large size of halogen brake lamp, a reverse camera, and a parking sensor reflector in it.Rinco Aria Exterior 2022

Rinco Aria 2022 Interior

Rinco Aria  2022 will see two interior colors the car, rust, and grey. The interior design is exquisite and modern. The car play like Android Auto and has a digital touch screen infotainment variety of advanced option such as Apple.Meanwhile ,the battery percentage ,speed,range,and legroom in front , also offers a very wide and 4-way manual adjustable portable leather with comfortable cushion seats, including all the information integrated with a meter cluster display.Rinco Aria Interior 2022

The control gear is located in the lower part of the car os adjusted with a high-selling folding seat. In addition, the boot space is not enough, but good enough. in addition you can also increase the boot space in the folded back seats. Rinco Aria  2022 has a variety of colors are available like a dual-tone option in Pakistan. these colors are below:

  • Lava Red
  •  White peach
  • Happy Blue
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Future grey
  • Green fruit.

Features of Rinco Aria

The new EV compact car has all the basic features like power steering, power windows, central locking, and much more. The gear selector is incredibly straightforward and unique, with a physical button that can be activated with just a touch. There are only three selections, drive, neutral, and reverse. It has AC controls are located behind these buttons. It has a hand brake manual and a driver-side venti mirror. This is followed by headlamp adjustment,passenger-side ventilator mirror, white LED dome lights, sports mode, and trunk opening controls. The car’s safety features include an immobilizer,anti-braking system(ABS), seat belt, ISOFIX child, Keyless entry,4-wheel disc brakes, reverse camera rear parking sensor, and no airbags.

Rinco Aria battery  life and Energy

This car is engineered and designed in the USA, but it is made in China. As an electric vehicle, the Rinco Aria 2022  has a single motor lithium battery of 17 kWh that produces a maximum of 14.6 KW and 75 Nm of torque. A built-in charger has been added to facilitate charging at home .it can charge from 0 to 100 in about 6 hours using about 10 units of electricity. Average battery life although 7-8 years about Aria number. Nayyar Motors offers a 3-years warranty on this battery.

Rinco Aria features and Specification

Remote Key Low-Speed Collision Warning
Three-Point  Belt (Front Seat) Back Door Child Safety Lock
Remote Central Door Lock Triangle Warning Board
Emergency Rescue Kit Three-Point Belt (Back seat)

System Structure

Type of Drive Rear Engine Rear Drive
Gear Ratio 7.6:1
Suspension System Front McPherson independent Suspension
Suspension System Back Five Connecting Rods Non -independent
Suspension Type of Parking Brake Hand Brake

Mind-blowing performance

Near Motor Company claims that the most cost-effective EV compact Rinco Aria 2022 accelerates from 0 to 100 mph in 9-10 seconds, which is the best performance in its class.

Rinco Aria booking in Pakistan

The new EV Compact Moto Company Rinco Aria 2022  has been launched in Pakistan. The vehicle is Rs partially reservation costs 1.2 million restricted stock ready for delivery in four colors. After that, the car will be delivered within 4 to 5 months.

Rinco Aria 2022 competiotor

The Rinco Aria 2022 is a subcompact for an all-electric hatchback that has no direct competitor in Pakistan. Therefore, in terms of dimension, it competes with United Bravo, Prince Pearl, and Suzuki Alto.

In the conclusion, we can say that Rinco Aria 2022 most affordable electric car, due to its low operating costs. Linco aria is one of the most budget-friendly cars in all-electric vehicles in is primarily designed for driving in the city or town, as seen from its design, size, and features. This is an excellent option for those families who want to save fuel costs.

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