In today’s fast-paced world, owning a motorcycle is not just a luxury but a necessity for many. Suzuki, a renowned motor vehicle company, recognized the needs of its customers and introduced an attractive installment plan for its bikes in 2023. Suzuki Bikes Installment Plan 2023 With Zero Interest. With the aim of making bike ownership more accessible and affordable, Suzuki has eliminated the concept of markup, offering customers a hassle-free way to ride their dream bikes. In this article, we will explore the Suzuki Bike Installment Plan for 2023 and delve into the details of owning a Suzuki bike without any interest. The zero markup installment plan is a game-changer, allowing individuals to choose their preferred Suzuki bike and pay for it in convenient monthly installments. Aspiring riders can now hit the roads with their Suzuki bikes and experience the thrill of owning a high-quality, reliable, and stylish motorcycle.

So, if you have been dreaming of owning a Suzuki bike, the year 2023 is the perfect time to turn that dream into reality. With the Suzuki Bike Installment Plan, you can enjoy the freedom of the open road without worrying about excessive financial burdens. Visit your nearest Suzuki showroom, explore the available models, and inquire about the installment options to embark on an exciting journey with your very own Suzuki bike.

The Price of Suzuki GR 150 in Pakistan

The Suzuki GR 150 is a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts in Pakistan. As of 2023, the price of the Suzuki GR 150 in Pakistan stands at [insert current price]. This powerful and stylish bike offers a thrilling riding experience and is now more affordable with the installment plan introduced by Suzuki.

The Installment Plan of Suzuki Bikes through Banks

Suzuki has collaborated with various banks to offer customers convenient installment plans. These plans allow potential buyers to finance their Suzuki bikes through easy monthly installments. The exact details of the installment plan may vary depending on the bank and the model of the bike. However, the key feature of these installment plans is that they come with zero markup, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals.

Suzuki Bikes Installment Plan 2023 With Zero Interest

Suzuki Bikes Installment Plan 2023 With Zero Interest

The Price of Suzuki Bikes in Pakistan through Banks

With the installment plan option, owning a Suzuki bike in Pakistan has become more feasible for a wider audience. Through the collaboration with banks, Suzuki offers competitive prices for its bikes, allowing customers to pay in installments rather than making a lump-sum payment. The price of a Suzuki bike through a bank in Pakistan will depend on factors such as the model, variant, and any additional features chosen by the buyer. By opting for the installment plan, customers can spread out the cost over a defined period, making it more manageable for their budget.

GD 110S Installment Plan

  • Engine Capacity: 110 cc
  • Price: 181,000
Down Payment 25,000 30,000 35,000 40,000
 (18 Months) Installment Per Month 9,900 9,550 9,250 8,900
(24 Months) Installment Per Month 7,850 7,600 7,350 7,050
(27 Months) Installment Per Month 7,200 6,950 6,700 6,450
 (30 Months) Installment Per Month 6,650 6,450 6,200 6,000

Suzuki GS 150 Installment Plan

  • Engine Capacity: 150cc
  • Price: 197,000
Down Payment 25,000 30,000 35,000 40,000
 (18 Months) Installment Per Month 10,800 10,450 10,100 9,800
(24 Months) Installment Per Month 8,650 8,350 8,100 7,800
(27 Months) Installment Per Month 7,950 7,700 7,400 7,150
 (30 Months) Installment Per Month 7,350 7,150 6,900 6,650

Suzuki GS 150 SE Installment Plan 2023

  • Engine Capacity: 150cc
  • Price: 214,000
Down Payment 25,000 30,000 35,000 40,000 45,000
 (18 Months) Installment Per Month 11,950 11,650 11,300 10,950 10,600
(24 Months) Installment Per Month 9,600 9,300 9,050 8,750 8,500
(27 Months) Installment Per Month 8,800 8,550 8,300 8,050 7,800
 (30 Months) Installment Per Month 8,150 7,900 7,700 7,450 7,200

Suzuki GR 150 Installment Plan 2023

  • Engine Capacity: 150cc
  • Price: 290,000
Down Payment 25,000 30,000 35,000 40,000 45,000
 (18 Months) Installment Per Month 17,050 16,700 16,350 16,050 15,700
(24 Months) Installment Per Month 13,650 13,350 13,100 12,800 12,550
(27 Months) Installment Per Month 12,500 12,250 12,000 11,750 11,500
 (30 Months) Installment Per Month 11,600 11,400 11,150 10,900 10,700

Suzuki GSX 150SF Installment Plan

  • Engine Capacity: 150cc
  • Price: 599,000
274,500 164,700
Down Payment Monthly Last Installment Monthly Last Installment
 (18 Months) Installment Per Month 16,500 16,221 23,100 22,715
(24 Months) Installment Per Month 13,350 12,229 18,650 18,190
(27 Months) Installment Per Month 11,050 10,295 15,450 15,113
 (30 Months) Installment Per Month 9,550 8,002 13,350 12,079

The Installment Plan for GSX 150SF

The GSX 150SF is a popular sportbike from Suzuki that combines style, performance, and affordability. For those interested in this model, Suzuki offers an attractive installment plan. The installment plan for the GSX 150SF allows customers to purchase the bike with a low down payment and spread the remaining cost over a specified duration. By availing this installment plan, enthusiasts can ride the GSX 150SF and enjoy its thrilling performance without the burden of a hefty upfront payment.


Suzuki has made owning a bike in 2023 easier and more affordable with its installment plan. By removing the concept of markup, Suzuki has empowered customers to fulfill their dreams of owning a Suzuki bike without worrying about excessive interest charges. Whether it’s the Suzuki GR 150, GS 150, GD 110S, or GSX 125, the installment plans offered by Suzuki through its collaboration with banks make these bikes accessible to a wider audience.

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