Suzuki Cultus 2022 have the most success over the years because this is an open challenge for other vehicles.

The special thing about this car is comfortable and affects your personality and lifestyle. We will mention all the information about engine rating, horsepower, seating capacity, and fuel mileage. It is important that whenever you purchase or sell this car you know all the features and specifications of this car. Suzuki Cultus showrooms are located in different parts of Pakistan, wherefrom you can easily buy this car. Here we discuss its interiors, exterior, main features, and driving experience and why cultus is the best to buy in Pakistan.

Suzuki has openly challenged other markets in time.

Suzuki has launched the latest model of its best family car cultus. In addition, Suzuki maintains its previous qualities like road grip, space, and instant acceleration.

Suzuki Cultus 2022 Exterior

Suzuki Cultus 2022 Price in Pakistan with complete specifications and reviews

Suzuki Cultus Variants with prices

Suzuki Cultus 2022 price in Pakistan 2,250,000 to 2,662,000. There are three variants of Suzuki Culture, which are Suzuki Cultus VLX 2022, Suzuki Cultus VXR 2022, and Suzuki Cultus AGS 2022.

Variants Specifications Old prices New prices
Suzuki Cultus VXR 2022 998cc M/T PKR 2,030,000 PKR 2,250,000
Suzuki Cultus VXL 2022 998cc M/T PKR 2,244,000 PKR 2,474,000
Suzuki Cultus AGS 2022 998cc AGS PKR 2,422,000 PKR 2,662,000

Suzuki Cultus 2022 Interior:

The interior of the Cultus 2022 is beautiful and comfortable, with the fabric set and the trim being of premium level. Sporty style dashboard has a situated with a cluster of the newest technology. The dashboard’s center console has a multimedia infotainment system with 6 surrounding speakers. Its interior is designed in such a way that it is comfortable for every person traveling in it. Its interior is made of taxi air condition and ventilation. The car has a back seat for luggage, and it has a lot of auto gear shifting features.

Suzuki Cultus 2022 Interior


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Suzuki Cultus Exterior

Suzuki Cultus automatic 2022 model has undergone some drastic changes and every effort has been made to improve its exterior. In the black plastic trim of the fog lap, the air goes from left to right. The door side has a dynamic trim line with wheel arches. The rear sidecar has a hatchback door and beveled doomed tail lights in beautiful dynamic end-ups. There is an antenna on the front side roof that is better connectivity for navigation and Suzuki connect.



suzuki cultus 2022 Exterior

Suzuki Cultus color Option

Six different colors came in 2022, are as follows:

  • Pearl
  • Graphite Gray
  • Silky silver
  • Solid White
  • Pearl red
  • Cerulean blue

Features and Specs

MSRP 2,66200
Engine 998 cc
Horsepower 67 hp
Fuel Economy 14 Km
Transmission Automatic & Manual
Seating 5
Drive Front-wheel
Wheelbase 14 inches


Suzuki Cultus Vs KIA Picanto

There are many cars in Pakistan, but here we discuss Suzuki Cultus Vs with KIA Picanto. And after looking at these cars we find that Suzuki Cultus is best for travel. Suzuki cultus is a long-running model in the local market and on the other hand, KIA Picanto was launched after a few years.

Exterior: Picanto 2022 Vs. Cultus:

Picanto is smaller, wider, and taller than Cultus in length, width, and overall height.

Suzuki Cultus    KIA Picanto

Picanto Vs. Cultus-Price:

Suzuki Cultus is more expensive than KIA Picanto. And Picanto’s on-road price is 2,089,000, and Cultus’s price is 2,050,000, cultus is 39,000 more expensive than KIA Picanto.

Picanto’s fuel average is 13-14 kilometers per liter and on the other hand, Cultus’s average fuel is 14-15 kilometers.

When we Suzuki cultus sets space of both cars, you’ll notice that both have plenty of room in the front seats, but Picanto’s rear seats are cramped.

Suzuki Cultus 2022 Vs

In Final words, If you want to live a classy looks lifestyle start to save your money from now on and you are not far away from your dream car also the world’s most comfortable car. You will enjoy your favorite music and different driving modes as well. It is the best car for family and comfortable to use. In my opinion, the Suzuki Cultus is an awesome car with excellent fuel mileage, interior, and exterior. When the option for the best and most affordable car you must include this car in your checklist.


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