After the successful launch of the Suzuki cultus, as well as other hatchbacks of the Suzuki series, the Hustler 2022 will be available on the market. Additionally, Suzuki has a great demand in Pakistan and India for their reliable and inexpensive products. The buyer is pleased with the design and the fuel efficiency in addition to the efficiency of the Suzuki Hustler 2022. It is also available to the market with a Mazda Flair Crossover via Mazda dealerships located in Japan. The Automotive Journalists and Researchers Association of Japan RJC considered this car among the best of 2015 and was awarded the honor of the Car of the Year. A compact SUV is another way to refer to Hustler.  It is also classified as a miniature Kei car. It is referred to as an off-roader or a smaller version—a roader designed and manufactured in the name of Suzuki Japan.

Suzuki Hustler 2022 price in Pakistan

Suzuki Hustler 2022 price, images, exterior, interior, specs & features:

 Suzuki Hustler Price in Pakistan

The cost of a Suzuki Hustler for sale in Pakistan can range from PKR 1,600,000. To PKR 350,000 for a previously owned Suzuki Hustler. The prices of Suzuki Hustler in Pakistan vary depending on the model’s year of manufacture, miles, model, and the overall condition of the vehicle.

Variants Price
Suzuki Hustler A PKR 1,625,000
Suzuki Hustler G PKR 1,600,000
Suzuki Hustler G Turbo PKR 1,650,000
Suzuki Hustler X PKR 2,375,000
Suzuki Hustler X Turbo PKR 1,925,000


It’s usually considered an SUV, but it’s not a hatchback as the Japanese believe it is a Mini Van. Japan, it is regarded as a Mini SUV or Mini Van. The design of the previous model isn’t the most impressive. However, in the most recent model, there have been slight changes. Its front is somewhat more attractive than the previous model, but everything else is the same, including Halogen headlamps and fog lamps, as well as a tiny chrome grille. On the outside, the car isn’t awe-inspiring, but it’s nice and attractive. The Turbo version of the Suzuki Hustler sports a slightly distinct rear with a circular tail light and two exhaust-like designs on back bumpers.

Suzuki Hustler 2022 price in Pakistan


The old hustler’s interiors are almost identical to the theme of black and white that is used throughout the interior in various locations; however, in the latest models, one of the significant changes that were made both on the exterior as well as inside is the color selection instead of using the same mix of the black and white square, the hustlers can choose beautiful colors both on the outside as well as inside. In the most recent models, they by adding a display screen which wasn’t available in the older models.

Suzuki Hustler 2022 price in Pakistan


The table below outlines the features of this model. Suzuki Hustler 2022, and the features are distinctive in their application.

Fuel Petrol
Transmission Automatic
Seating Capacity Four
Trunk capacity 27 liters
Air conditioner Available
Anti-lock braking system Available

 Suzuki Hustler Variants

The car of 2022 is available in five variations. Five of them come with all the features that are standard on a Suzuki Hustler car. The options available in 2022 for Suzuki Hustler 2022 are as below:

  •  Suzuki Hustler A
  • Hustler Suzuki G
  •  Suzuki Hustler G Turbo
  •  Suzuki Hustler X
  •  Hustler Suzuki X Turbo
  •  Features of Suzuki Hustler

The features of a car have a significant impact on the market and, obviously, on the cost of the car. Furthermore, the vehicle’s worth can be determined after having a look at the design and new capabilities of the vehicle. In this sense, we have all seen the look and performance of the Suzuki Hustler. In addition, it has additional attractive features that differentiate it from other automobiles.

  • Front Power Windows / Electric Windows
  •  Alloy Wheels
  •  Multi-information and an optional navigation system
  •  Mirror for power
  • Remote keyless entry
  •  Interior lighting
  •  Air Conditioner
  •  Defogger
  •  Heater
  •  USB ports
  •  Adjustment to the steering wheel
  •  Armrest
  •  Power Rear Windows

These features contribute to making all of these features make the Suzuki Hustler an impressive car. This is because it draws the attention of buyers and interest in the first few seconds.

All details on the Suzuki Hustler’s price and features in Pakistan 2022 Interior and Review are available in the article, which can be found above. This page has essential customer information regarding pricing specifications, features, and exterior and interior specifications for the Suzuki Hustler in Pakistan.

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