It introduced the 4rth generation of its coaster in 2016, in China under the name Hino Liesse II. This is a single dicker minibus with a front engine and fourth-wheel drive option. Toyota changed the dimension of the fourth generation from the previous generation and also increased the height length of the door and width of the windshield.  it is available in different types all over the world when we talk about the Pakistani model th3 only option available here is a diesel engine. You can book your Toyota Coaster by depositing PKR7.5 lacs in Toyota showrooms throughout the country and it has to deliver the car to you after 30 days. The 2021 Toyota Coaster offers SRS handbags to the driver and front passengers to reduce the effects of provides you with a comfortable enjoyable journey. The Toyota Coaster has the best quality, durability, and reliability is legendary and will stay with you for long distances. It provides comfortable travel to passengers no matter how harsh the operating environment.

Toyota Coaster 2022 Variants with price with new specs and images below here:

Toyota Coaster 2022 trim and Variants

It is available in different varieties, including a 23 seated, 22 seated Coaster, 29 seated, 30 seated, and 23 seated Higher-end Coaster.Toyota Coaster 2022 Price in Pakistan

It is available in three configurations standard-body-shell, with 25 seats, long-wheelbase with 24 seats, 29 seats, and school bus configuration. There is no passenger seat in front of the school bus. Toyota Coaster 2022 price in Pakistan is PKR16,149,000.

Coaster High Roof (29-seater) PKR. 16,149,000

Toyota Coaster 2022 Exterior and features

Toyota Coaster 2022 Exterior and features

The Toyota Coaster  2022 is available in different configurations, as discussed above. If we talk about the 29 seated Coaster, then it is 6990 millimeters in length, 2080 millimeters in width, and 2635 millimeters in height. It has a ground clearance of 185 millimeters. The 2021 Toyota Coaster is available in five exterior color options. The rigid body of the Toyota Coaster has made with high tensile steel sheeting that connects pillars and floors to create a strong body. The body has been welded using laser welding to build more strength between the body panels. The 2021 model has a wide windshield to give a clear view of the road for the driver. Two box-shaped LED headlights are aside from the central vertical grille. There is a main door with a doorstep that makes entry and exit from the Coaster easy, and a back door opens into the luggage compartment.

Toyota Coaster 2022 Interior and Features

Toyota Coaster 2022 Interior and FeaturesToyota Coaster 2022 Interior and Features

The 29 seated Toyota Coaster has 8-rows of seats with fabric-covered seats. The interior has been designed in beige color with spacious and relaxing chairs. It has one of the most spacious cabins with a width of 1885 millimeters and 1890 millimeters in height. The windows have special glass that protects the passengers from sunlight and is comprehensive to give a large field view. The instrument panel support monitoring of vital information of the vehicle, and the audio system consists of AM/FM radio, CD player, and USB port. A climate control panel in the cabin creates the climate in the Coaster pleasant and comfortable. During your Journey, You’ll get a power outlet to charge smartphones.  You’ll also get front door pocket and cup holders for your convenience.

Toyota Coaster 2022 Engine and Transmission

Toyota Coaster 2021 in Pakistan obtained its power from a 4009 cc, INLINE, 4-cylinders, diesel engine with Euro 2 technology, and a Common rail type fuel system. It builds a maximum of 100 kW (134 hp) at 3000 RPM and 353 Nm torque at 1600 RPM. It provides manual and Continuously Varying transmission. The front axle and leaf spring suspension in the double-handed are in the wishbone, which is a rare type of ventilated brake disc, and drums both are double.

Toyota Coaster 2022 Performance and Drive

Toyota Coaster  2022 offers a reliable and durable ride quality. It is the only diesel engine available in Pakistan while it is available in diesel and petrol engines in other countries. The diesel engine is mated with a 5-speed manual transmission, which is smooth and provides a smooth performance. The suspension system provides easy viewing and shock absorbers optimized handling forces. Its ride is very comfortable on hilly roads, and the steering wheel is light weighted, giving drivers confidence in controlling the car. it offers an Anti-Lock Braking system that prevents locking up the wheels on slippery roads. The braking system is also well-developed and applies brakes smoothly despite a load of passengers seated in the Toyota Coaster. The anti-corrosion steel sheeting contributes to more durability of the vehicle and helps to keep the ride quality excellent even in harsh road conditions. The noise insulation technology has improved in this vehicle, and it creates a pleasant environment in the cabin so passengers can hear each other voices. The noise absorbing materials cover the floor panel, reducing engine noise and noise from outside to entering the cabin inside. The air conditioning system is advanced, and it creates a very comfortable environment in the place. The Toyota Coaster has an average fuel economy, and it gives a mileage of 7 kilometers per liter and has a fuel tank capacity of 95 liters. It provides a top speed of 110 kilometers per hour.

Toyota Coaster Safety features

The Toyota Coaster offers SRS driver and front passenger airbags to reduce the severity of the frontal collision. At the same time  a 3-point ELR seat removes excessive force to the upper torso belt during an accident. The Anti-Lock Braking System ensures safe driving on slippery roads fo for the passengers.

Major Competitors

  • Hinopak Delus Coach
  • Mazda 3500 Coaster
  • Mercedes Coaster

In the final words, we can say that it has an affordable price to people purchase. It provides comfortable travel to passengers no matter how harsh the operating environment.

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