The 4th generation of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado was introduced in 2009. Worldwide Prado is being offered in 5-door and 3-door versions but in Pakistan only the 5-door version is present. The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2022 is being provided in 3 versions TX 3.0D(Diesel), VX 3.0(Diesel), and VX 4.0(Petrol) TLC Prado has always been popular in Pakistan. The price of the 4th generation Toyota Land Cruiser considerably increased in comparison to the previous generation. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2022 price in Pakistan is in the range of  279.3 – 414.1 PKR which is nearly competitive when compared to other cars of the same Model.

Toyota Prado 2022 Price in Pakistan


Toyota Prado 2022 Price in Pakistan With Its Features, Specs And Reviews Below

Toyota Prado 2022 Variants with Price

The price of Toyota Prado 2022 in Pakistan  starts from PKR 27,930,000 for the base variant TX 3.0D to 41,410,000 PKR for the top of the line VX 4.0 variant. These prices of Toyota Prado  are ex-factory prices in Pakistan.

Variants Price
Toyota Prado TX 3.0D

2982 cc     

27,930,000 PKR
Toyota Prado VX 3.0

2982 cc

Toyota Prado VX 4.0



Toyota Prado 2022 Exterior

The body frame of Prado 2022 has always been great, and there is no doubt anyone can not like the design and features of Prado. The older models, however, had a strong and amazing body compared to the newer version.

Toyota Prado 2022 Exterior

If you talk about the latest model, the facelift has completely broken out all the records in SUVs. The front grille along with the LED lights gives an eye-catching look. The backside of the luxury SUV is also worth seeing.


The Land Cruiser Prado 2022 provides a choice of 9 colors given as

  • Super White 2
  • Sliver Me
  • Green MC
  • Bronze M M
  • DK Blue MC
  • White Pearl CS
  • Gray Me
  • Black DK
  • Dark Steel MC.

Toyota Prado 2022 Interior

Toyota Prado interior 2022 is very wide and comfortable. There is much space for the passengers to have enough space to relax and stretch their bodies. The dashboard of Prado, there is nothing difficult about it. It’s a typical type of dashboard with many easy-to-understand options. Adding seats to the third row makes it a 7-seater car, however, all the models don’t have a feature of third-row seats.

Toyota Prado 2022 Interior

The beige room with wooden trim provides a stylish classy look. The interior is somewhat similar to TLC 200 series, the buttons are not stylish, but they fulfill the purpose. It can be concluded that the interior is best however it could have been better if more work is done on it.


3.0 Liter DOHC 16 Valve Inline-4 Diesel
3.0 Liter DOHC 16 Valve Dual VVT-I Inline-4
4.0 Liter DOHC 24 Valve Dual VVT-I V6


4-speed Automatic
5-speed Manual / Automatic
6-speed Manual / Automatic


Engine Capacity 2693 cc to 3956 cc
Engine Configuration 4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC
Fuel Type Petrol and Diesel
Power 3400 @ 171 bhp
Torque 352 Nm
Mileage 7 to 11 KM/L
Kerb Weight 2140 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 87 L
Body type SUV
Transmission type Automatic


The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2022 provides an average of 10 KM/L making for an approximated range of 760 KM from its 76 Liter fuel tank and 13 KM/L on the highway making for an estimated range of 988 KM that shows Prado fuel consumption is 2.7.

Pros and Cons

What we like What we don’t like
Engine parts are available as 2.7L engine comes in SURF, FORTUNER etc No warranty on Grey Market import
Spare parts are easily available 3S Toyota Dealership does not have expert staff to Cater with new parts
Maintenance is easy Maintenance is expensive
High safety rating with various high end features  


Some famous competitors of the Toyota Prado 2022 are the Pajero, Range Rover Evoque, Porsche Macan, BMW X3, Audi Q5, Jaguar F-Pace, and Mitsubishi Those comparing TLC Prado to Range Rover and G-Class,there is a similarity in them.

In the Final verdict  Toyoda Prado is an awesome and classy look car . if you want to make your life more easy and comfortable for journey you must consider it. Toypta prado 2022 is expensive but no doubt no one can compete its outstanding features.


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