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Toyota’s success in the Pakistani auto market with the Vigo Hilux has led the corporation to introduce new Vigo variants under the Revo moniker. The Toyota Revo represents strength, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal, with updated design language and technical parameters for its all-wheel-drive capabilities. You can now purchase these eyeglasses at an affordable price. If you’re interested, you can find detailed information about the interior and exterior of the recently released Toyota Revo, along with its price in Pakistan.

Toyota Hilux Revo Review 

The Toyota Hilux Revo is a versatile and powerful pickup truck that has gained a reputation for its reliability and toughness. The Revo variant builds upon the success of the Hilux Vigo, with updated design and features that make it an even more attractive option for those looking for a reliable and capable vehicle.

Under the hood, the Hilux Revo features a range of engines including a 2.4-liter diesel engine, a 2.8-liter diesel engine, and a 2.7-liter gasoline engine. All engines are mated to a six-speed automatic or manual transmission, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that best suits your needs.

The Hilux Revo’s exterior has also been updated, with a sleeker and more modern design that is both stylish and functional. The interior is spacious and comfortable, with a range of features that make driving the Hilux Revo a pleasure.

In terms of safety, the Hilux Revo comes equipped with a range of advanced features including airbags, ABS, and stability control. The pickup also has a high ground clearance and a rugged suspension system, making it ideal for off-road adventures.

Overall, the Toyota Hilux Revo is a solid choice for those looking for a dependable and versatile pickup truck that can handle a wide range of tasks, both on and off-road.

Toyota Revo 2023 Price in Pakistan Specs and Features

Toyota Revo 2023 Price in Pakistan Specs and Features

Toyota Hilux Revo 2023 Price in Pakistan

The expected price of Toyota Revo 2023 is PKR 9,839,000 to PKR 12,049,000 in Pakistan.

Different Variants

Variants Factory Price
Toyota Hilux Revo G 2.8

2755cc, Manual, Diesel

PKR 9,839,000
Toyota Hilux Revo G Automatic 2.8

2755cc, Automatic, Diesel

PKR 10,309,000
Toyota Hilux Revo V Automatic 2.8

2755cc, Automatic, Diesel

PKR 11,429,000
Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco

2755cc, Automatic, Diesel

PKR 12,049,000
Toyota Hilux Revo G 2.4

2393cc, Automatic, Diesel

PKR 4,500,000
Toyota Hilux Revo G 3.0

2982cc, Manual, Diesel

PKR 4,124,000
Toyota Hilux Revo G Automatic 3.0

2982cc, Automatic, Diesel

PKR 7,070,000
Toyota Hilux Revo V Automatic 3.0

2982cc, Automatic, Diesel

PKR 10,500,000

Pros and Cons

  • High levels of engine responsiveness
  • Inviting and cosy interior
  • Very applicable
  • Quality Construction That Is About Average
  • Newest Model
  • Modern-Day Makeover
  • There Are Several Possible Means of Transmission
  • Speed that is low
  • Lacking in finesse
  • Low-quality rides

Outstanding Exterior

The Hilux Revo boasts a modern size and cutting-edge design that is complemented by its rugged appearance. Its commanding profile is accentuated by big, powerful LED headlamps and three-cut trapezium bars in chrome around the middle of the side. The taker grill features fog lights on the upper and lower edges, while the air intake is located at the bottom. The 18-inch alloy rims are fitted on an adequate wheelbase, and all four doors on either side feature shiny chrome door knobs. At the rear, a spare tire is located below the rear open roof seating area, which can be accessed through the rear bumper step located in the bumper. DR lamps, sliding back windows, and a stop light on the tailgate add to the attractiveness of its exterior.

Overall, the Hilux Revo is a versatile and powerful pickup truck that not only delivers on performance, but also impresses with its sleek and rugged design. Its modern features and durable exterior make it an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable and stylish pickup truck.

Outstanding Exterior

Luxury Interior

The Toyota Revo interior doesn’t offer a ton of frills or extras, but the high-end materials and thoughtful design more than make up for it. The dashboard features a durable leather-wrapped power steering wheel and an eye-catching LED tachometer. The cabin’s centerpiece is the cutting-edge 8-inch LED touch-screen entertainment system, which includes Bluetooth and USB portal connectivity in addition to the standard AC/DC connector. You’ll also find a digital clock and MAP navigations for added convenience.

Luxury Interior

The seats in the Revo are where this pickup truly shines. They offer executive-level convenience and comfort, with plenty of support for long drives. The front seats are especially impressive, with a range of adjustments to ensure that drivers of all sizes can find the perfect position. In the back, the seats are spacious and comfortable, making the Revo ideal for families or groups of friends.

Colors Options

  • Attitude Black
  • Blue Mist
  • Grey Graphite
  • Silver Mettalic
  • Super White
  • White


The engine in the Toyota Revo has a displacement of 2755 cc and consists of 4 cylinders with double overhead cams and 16 valves. The engine’s DOHC 16 valves allow it to produce up to 175 hp at 3400 rpm and 420 nm of torque at 1400 rpm. Diesel power! There is an 80-liter fuel tank, and it gets about 9 kilometers per liter in the city and 12 kilometers per liter on the highway.

Toyota Hilux Revo Features

  • Keyless Entry
  • Power Steering
  • Steering Switches
  • Infotainment System
  • Sequential Transmission
  • AC/DC Connector
  • Cool Box
  • Rear Armrest
  • Cooling Cup Holders
  • Shopping Bag Hook
  • Sunglass Holder
  • Coat Hook
  • ECO Lamp
  • Cruise Control
  • Illuminated Central

Toyota Revo Specifications

Price PKR 98.4 – 120.5 lacs
Body Type Double Cabin, SUV, Pick Up
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 5290 x 1855 x 1815 mm
Ground Clearance 217 – 310 mm
Displacement 2393 – 2982 cc
Transmission Automatic & Manual
Horse Power 110 – 201 hp
Torque 343 – 500 Nm
Boot Space 0 – 0 L
Kerb Weight 1900 – 2060 KG
Fuel Type Diesel
Mileage 8 – 12 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity 80 L
Seating Capacity 5 – Persons

Toyota Revo 2023 Competitors

Toyota Revo compete with Isuzu D-Max, Nissan Navara and Toyota Tacoma in the market.


 Isuzu D-MAX

  • The Isuzu D-MAX Price in Pakistan is PKR 5,800,000 
  • Displacement of Isuzu D-MAX is 2499-3000cc
  • Mileage is 18-12KM/L
  • Top Speed is 180 KM/H

Isuzu D-MAX


Nissan Navara

  • The Nissan Navara Price in Pakistan is PKR 70.0 – 72.0 lacs
  • Displacement of Nissan Navara is 2298 cc
  • Mileage is 8 to 11 KM/L
  • Top Speed is 220 KM/H

Nissan Navara


Toyota Tacoma

  • The Toyota Tacoma Price in Pakistan is PKR 15,000,000 to PKR 15,000,000
  • Displacement of Toyota Tacoma is 3500 cc
  • Mileage is 5 to 8 KM/L
  • Top Speed is 211 KM/H

Toyota Tacoma


Q: What is the starting price of the Toyota Revo in Pakistan?

A: The starting price of the Toyota Revo in Pakistan is around PKR 4.5 million.

Q: What factors affect the price of the Toyota Revo in Pakistan?

A: The price of the Toyota Revo in Pakistan is influenced by factors such as the variant, engine size, and features.

Q: What are the available variants of the Toyota Revo in Pakistan?

A: The Toyota Revo is available in several variants in Pakistan, including the Revo G, Revo V, and Revo Rocco.

Q: What is the difference between the Toyota Revo G and Revo V variants?

A: The Revo G variant is a two-wheel-drive version, while the Revo V is an all-wheel-drive version with additional features.

Q: Does the Toyota Revo come with a warranty in Pakistan?

A: Yes, the Toyota Revo comes with a warranty in Pakistan, which varies depending on the variant and model year.

Q: What are some of the standard features of the Toyota Revo in Pakistan?

A: The Toyota Revo comes with a range of standard features in Pakistan, including airbags, ABS, power windows, and a touchscreen infotainment system.

Q: What are some of the optional features of the Toyota Revo in Pakistan?

A: Optional features of the Toyota Revo in Pakistan include leather seats, a sunroof, and a rearview camera.

Q: How does the Toyota Revo compare to other pickup trucks in its price range in Pakistan?

A: The Toyota Revo is considered one of the top pickup trucks in its price range in Pakistan, with its combination of performance, reliability, and features making it a popular choice among buyers.

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