We are discussing Understanding Bird Droppings and Car Paint Damage on this web page. Bird droppings can be unsightly on your car’s paint job. If you cannot treat it for a long period, this damage will be a serious cause for a long time your car. The acidity of bird droppings can be out of order for your car’s coat and paint, increasing unattractive discolor and rust. You can be understanding the possible damage that bird droppings reasons and how to save and protect your car’s paint. This is necessary for all car owners. In this article, we will take a look at bird droppings that cause damage to your car’s paint. How to take prevent this damage and maintain your car looking best. Let’s know understanding bird droppings and car paint damage.

Understanding Bird Droppings and Car Paint Damage

Understanding Bird Droppings and Car Paint Damage

Understanding Bird Droppings

Of course, everyone is aware of what bird droppings are, but not many are aware of their potential hazard. Bird excrement is a mixture of feces and pee. Birds don’t segregate their urine and excrement like mammals do. Because they lack a bladder, their feces is a mixture of solid and liquid waste material. As a result, their excretions have a high acidity. Bird droppings can damage a car’s finish due to the high acidity of their excrement.


There are two types of damage caused by bird droppings: topical and wrinkled etching.

Topical Etching

The feces only cause a minor problem; they leave a faint, faded imprint on the car. It’s quite simple to fix the etching because it only affects the surface. Consider utilizing a polish and compound compatible with your car’s current clear coat once you’ve cleaned the droppings off. The region should then be polished or wet sanded by a skilled detailer.

Wrinkled Etching

The marks in this instance are more pronounced and go below the surface. Deep fissures that cut through the clear coat and down into the paint are caused by thermodynamic heating and cooling as well as acidic etching. Consider hiring an expert to remove the top coat without inflicting any further harm because repainting is frequently necessary.


Bird droppings are usually unavoidable unless you often park in a garage or under a carport. Make sure you: lessen the possibility of damage

  • Wash your car frequently. This should be done at least twice a month to remove any tree sap or dead insects in addition to bird droppings.
  • Wax your car. Wax shields your car’s clear coat and paint from rock salt and bird droppings in between seasons. Aim for two to three jobs each year, and keep a detailer on hand in case any touch-ups are necessary.

Whether your car requires exterior detailing or a fresh coat of paint, work with DaSilva to keep it looking good all year round. Make an appointment with our Naugatuck office right away if you’re struggling with bird damage.


If not properly removed, bird droppings can harm your car’s paint in a serious and lasting way. The clear coat and paint can become damaged by the acidic nature of bird droppings, resulting in ugly stains and even rust. Car owners must be aware of the possible harm that bird droppings can do and take the required precautions to save their vehicle’s paint. To do this, clean up bird droppings as soon as possible, use the right cleaning supplies, and coat your automobile with a clear coat protectant. You can help keep your car looking great and preserve its resale value by following these easy tips. Be proactive and take the appropriate precautions to protect your car’s paint right away to avoid having bird droppings tarnish it.


Can bird droppings damage car paint?

Bird droppings and other types of tree sap aren’t simply unattractive; they’re also harmful to the paint on your car. They leave scratch lines and other damage because of the acidic nature of their nature.

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