The unique company launched UD 70cc in Pakistan. Unique UD is unique in its name and its features as compared to other models or competitors. There are three colors in its design Red, Blue, and Black. There are many people in Pakistan the desire to drive this bike according to its attractive colors and different models of Unique, UD extreme 70, UD 100, UD 125, and Cruzer UD-150. The Price of a Unique UD is 47000 PKR while the UD extreme is 65000/- PKR. you can check Unique UD 70 Price in Pakistan 2022 and Specifications. There is a little bit of change in the prices of these bikes as the change in the economy and fluctuation of the dollar day by day. There are many features and Unique UD 70 Price in Pakistan 2022 Specifications of this model are given below.

UD 70 Price in Pakistan 2022

  • UD 70 price is 47000/- PKR
  • Extreme UD 70 price is 65000/- PKR

The price is changed according to additional features and specifications of the models so that the range of price is between 42000-65000 PKR 70cc. you can visit for latest bike prices 2022. some key specification of this model is given below.

Unique UD 70 Specifications 2022

Sr. # Model UD 70 cc
1 Transmission 4 Speed Transmission System
2 Engine Type 4 stroke
3 Cylinder Single cylinder with air cooled overhead cam
4 Petrol Tank 9 Litter
5 Starting system Kick start
6 Weight 82 kg
7 Compression Ratio 9.2:1
8 Color Blue , Red, and Black
9 Dimension (Lxwxh) 1880 x 750 x 990 mm
10 Displacement 70 cc

You can check all details, specifications, price, and features of this bike as well as all other bikes like extreme UD 70 as well with all colors red, blue, and black. You can also see the latest prices check online to visit this page regularly.

Unique UD 70 Price in Pakistan 2022 Specs

Unique UD 70 Features 2022

There are multiple features of this model like other models. UD extreme has a little bit high priced as compared to UD 70. Some key features of this model are as follows.

  • Attractive design
  • Comfortable seat
  • Beautiful design of the tank
  • graceful graphics of petrol tank
  • Backlight with nice design
  • Engine with 4 stroke
  • Flexible absorber shocks
  • Best Fuel economy
  • Protection of horn with plastic cover
  • High paint quality to improve the design
  • Stylish colors and headlights
  • Engine carburetor is china and well
  • Flexibility in suspension
  • China Company
  • Engine Type is 4-stroke
  • Single cylinder with OHC cool-air
  • Kick start system
  • Ground clearance is 135mm
  • Wet type clutch with multi plates
  • Backbone frame

Fuel Average

Before buying this model you have to check the fuel average of this model as fuel average is very essential for any model. So the fuel average of this model is the range between 35-40 km / Litter. The average of 40 is good as well as other models.  So we can as that it has a good fuel average is compared to other models.

Engine oil Capacity

According to some experience, the engine oil capacity of this model is 800 km/ L. it is clear that many models have the relative travel range of one litter oil.

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