Yamaha is a renowned bike-related organization in Pakistan. Yamaha has been promoting different bikes in Pakistan. The majority of the vehicles from this company are sports bikes, as well as excellent motorcycles. They have gained a considerable amount of fame among the public, particularly teenagers. If you have the right knowledge and the proper equipment, and the right equipment, Yamaha R6 2022 can be an ideal choice for people who would like to feel the excitement of riding a sports bike. Yamaha constantly offers new features on its bikes to assist its riders. As we all know, Yamaha R6 2022 can maintain the high quality of its products, which is why it has built an enormous client base in Pakistan and various countries.

Yamaha R6 2022 price in Pakistan

Yamaha R6 2022 price, images, engine, colors, specs & features:

Price of Yamaha R6 2022

The price for the bike will be 1962094 PKR internationally since this bike is not yet officially launched in Pakistan. Once the company releases an announcement about the cycle, we will inform you of the cost.


The engine in the year 2017 Yamaha R6 has been updated with a brand new gearbox that has six speeds. It’s paired with a liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine. The new color scheme highlights the R6’s racing tradition. Comparatively to the prior model, The R6 is now a completely new model. R6 weighs just 8 pounds less. It also has an ultra-light frame and an all-new in-line four-cylinder 16-valve engine.


engine 4-Stroke


Cylinder Four
Displacement 599cc
Compression ratio 13.1:1
Capacity of Petrol 17 L
Front tire 122/70
Rear Tire 180/55
Clutch Multi-Plate

& Wet Type

Transmission 6-speed
Weight 190 KG
Average of Fuel 13-15 Km/L
Bore and Stroke 67.0mm x 42.5mm
Starting System Electric starting
Dimension 2040 x 695  x 1150 mm
Wheelbase 1375 mm
Frame Aluminum diamond-shaped


Its performance on the Yamaha R6 is excellent, and it is capable of handling a wide range of scenarios. Its fuel efficiency is optimal. The ergonomic body and six-speed gearbox provide the highest performance and ease of use. The tank capacity of the Yamaha R6 is 15 liters. The maximum speed of the bike is 123.7 per second, and it weighs 166 kilograms. It is light and features a diamond-shaped frame with an aluminum swingarm.

Yamaha R6 2022 price in Pakistan

The R6 includes a complete set of electronic features and riding aids. Its ride-by-wire throttle calculates the optimal opening for the valve that controls the throttle, which allows precise control of the acceleration. A variety of drive modes can be chosen to let the driver adjust the map to control the throttle valve to ensure optimal performance in the specific environment. Traction control and ABS makes this R6 even more secure and able when riding on roads. The R6 can adjust in two different ways according to the riding conditions.


  •   Blue with a gleaming shine.
  •   Matte Orange/Raven Black.
  •   Raven

The article ended with Yamaha R6 specs along with its unique electronic features. This extremely efficient motorcycle is the ideal choice for race and super-sports fans. Yamaha has proven its worth with a pleasant and thrilling ride and has also added safety.

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