Once Indus Motor Company and Honda Atlas raised their prices, Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) followed suit, raising theirs by between Rs175,000 and Rs350,000. Beginning on February 9th, the new rates will be in effect. On January 24, the company announced a price increase of between Rs115,000 and Rs355,000. Suzuki Car Prices In Pakistan.

Suzuki Car Prices In Pakistan 2023

Suzuki Car Prices 2023

Pak Suzuki has once again announced a production stoppage due to a lack of supplies

Following a price increase of Rs175,000, Alto VX can now be purchased for Rs2.034 million. The premium Swift GLX CVT model has had a price increase of Rs347,000, and will now cost Rs4.462 million. Formerly, the car cost Rs4.115 million. There was an increase in pricing of between Rs248,000 and Rs289,000 for Wagon-R versions, and between Rs287,000 and Rs337,000 for Cultus models.

Suzuki has temporarily halted motorbike orders in Pakistan due to a lack of inventory

Many companies, including Indus Motor Company and Honda Atlas, have raised their rates for the second time in a month due to the falling rupee. “Pak Suzuki boosted pricing just like other OEMs that have raised prices multiple times in the previous month,” auto sector analyst Arsalan Hanif told Business Recorder. Pricing rises are completely due to currency devaluation. Due to increasing inflation and rising interest rates, customers’ purchasing power has decreased, resulting in decreasing car sales. “It is a critical time for Pak Suzuki as the vendors and dealers are concerned owing to minimal manufacture and sales,” a Suzuki spokeswoman said after the price hike last month.

Currency market instability, increased input costs, and rising utility and overhead costs contribute. “This has made it hard to maintain our prices,” he said. Some automakers have raised prices in the past month due to the rapid currency depreciation. Indus Motor Company (Toyota), Honda Atlas Cars, Lucky Motor Corporation (KIA), and Hyundai Nishat Motor. Honda Atlas Motors raised their rates by Rs1.1 million this month. Two price hikes of up to Rs800,000 preceded these increases. Hyundai and Hyundai-Nishat Motors raised car prices by Rs400,000–Rs500,000 last month. Lucky Motor Corporation’s KIA cars priced between Rs100,000 and Rs1.3 million, up 0%–80%. Indus Motor, a Pakistani Toyota distributor and manufacturer, just raised its prices. IMC has raised their car prices up to Rs1.16 million. Pakistan’s automobile industry has suffered from Letters of Credit (LC) opening concerns and the country’s rapidly declining foreign exchange reserves and rupee.


What is the cheapest car in Suzuki?

New Suzuki cars in Pakistan range in price from PKR 1,669,000.0 for a Suzuki Ravi to PKR 4,462,000.0 for a Suzuki Swift.

Is Cultus VXL automatic?

Three inline cylinders power the automobile. The automatic gearbox Suzuki Cultus VXL can seat 5 people comfortably.

Which is the luxurious car in Suzuki?

Suzuki’s first luxury sedan, the Kizashi, has been released in Pakistan, where demand is growing rapidly.

What is the price of Suzuki New 2023?

  • PKR 1,464,000

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