China New Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2023 list is here. If you want to purchase China bike in Pakistan, read all the further details. At present, China New Bikes are more popular among Pakistani. One of the best reasons behind this is the low prices of these bikes. On the other hand, China-made 70cc bikes can be purchased in the range of 40 to 50 thousand. China bikes are very beautiful in their appearance. We are submitting China New Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2023 and complete information.

China New Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2023

Road Prince Chinese Bike

The market for the latest model of Road Prince motorcycles is not as strong as it was for earlier models. A popular motorbike with a body-on-frame construction was the Road Prince China bike. Similarly to this, people adore the sports appearance, which has an aerodynamic front end and rectangular headlamps. The motorcycle’s seating was simple and practical as well. On the other hand, the bike was perfect for tours thanks to a roomy baggage box in the back that could be expanded by folding down the rear seat.

Road Prince Chinese Bike

Price of the Road Prince Chinese Bike

Bike Expected Prices
70cc PKR. 81,500
125cc PKR. 86,500

Crown China Bikes

The low price points and effective performance of Crown China Motorcycles are helping them gain popularity in Pakistan. Crown China will have multiple versions, ranging from 70cc to 150cc, accessible in the nation by 2023. These bikes are perfect for anyone looking for a reliable, fashionable, and affordable form of transportation. Even though some people might have doubts about the quality of bicycles built in China, Crown China has developed a reputation for making bikes that are reliable and effective. Crown China bikes are a familiar sight on the highways of Pakistan because of their solid dealer network, and their appeal is predicted to increase over the next several years.

Crown China Bikes

Price of the Crown Chinese Bike

Bike Expected Prices
70cc PKR. 66,000
125cc PKR. 111,000

Unique China Bike

One of the most well-known brands of Chinese motorcycles in Pakistan is Unique China Bike. By 2023, Unique China will have a large selection of models with capacities ranging from 70cc to 200cc. These bikes are a great option for riders searching for a cost-effective means of transportation because of their affordability, fuel efficiency, and durability. Unique China has built a solid reputation for creating high-quality motorbikes that are well-suited to the needs of Pakistani riders, despite some worries about the quality of Chinese-made bikes. Unique China bikes are widely accessible to clients because of a widespread dealer network, and the brand is anticipated to remain a favorite among riders in the upcoming years.

Unique China Bike

Price of the Unique Chinese Bike

Bike Expected Prices
70cc PKR. 47,000
125cc PKR. 75,500

Hero China Bike

The Chinese motorbike brand Hero China Bike has established a significant presence in Pakistan’s motorcycle market. As of 2023, Hero China will have a number of models in the nation, ranging in size from 70cc to 150cc. These bikes are well-liked by Pakistani riders because of their appealing looks, practicality, and affordability. Hero China has established itself as a dependable brand that provides riders with a cost-effective way of transportation without sacrificing quality or performance, despite worries over the quality of Chinese-made bikes. Hero China is anticipated to keep becoming more well-known in the upcoming years because of its significant position in the Pakistani industry.

 China New Bikes Prices


Price of the Hero Chinese Bike

Bike Expected Prices
70cc PKR. 72,000
125cc PKR. 107,000


As a result of their affordability and effectiveness, Chinese motorcycles are growing in popularity in Pakistan. As of 2023, a number of Chinese companies, such as Crown China, Unique China, and Hero China, have had a significant impact on the Pakistani market by providing a variety of models that are suitable for Pakistani riders. Chinese motorcycles are priced differently in Pakistan based on the brand and model, with some starting at PKR 50,000 and others reaching PKR 150,000. Nonetheless, it is anticipated that Pakistani motorcyclists would continue to favor Chinese motorcycles due to their accessibility, effectiveness, and rising dependability. China New Bikes Prices are very suitable.


  • Honda CD 70
  • United 70
  • Road Prince 70
  • Suzuki GD110s
  • Honda Pridor (Honda 100)

Are Chinese bikes any good?

Chinese motor scooters are good and durable if maintained properly. In addition to being affordable, they require little care. There is a tonne of choices when it comes to Chinese motorcycles. There are currently several high-quality Chinese motorcycles available on the market from different Chinese motorbike brands.

Which is the best petrol average China bike in Pakistan?

One of Pakistan’s most fuel-efficient 70cc Chinese bikes is the United 70. The average fuel economy, according to many, ranges from 42 to 50 km/l, depending on a number of factors. Hence, if you’re seeking for a cheap 70cc bike in Pakistan, you can get a United 70.


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