Bringing an automobile into the country from another country, be it Japan, China, Korea, or anywhere else, is a complicated process. C&F costs, customs duties, customs agent fees, and a plethora of other taxes and duties must all be paid. This page explains everything you need to know about the Pakistan Car Import Duty 2024 Calculator and the payment of customs duties on automobiles in Pakistan. But before you go on, you should know that in November of 2018, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan instructed the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to hike customs charges on imported automobiles by as much as 30 percent. That’s why in addition to the taxes you owed last year, you’ll have to make a new payment this time around.

Pakistan Car Import Duty 2024

Vehicles of Asian Makes are meant for the transportation of persons Duty and Taxes in US$ or equivalent amount in Pak
Up to 800 cc US$ 4,800
801cc to 1000cc US$6,000
From 1001 cc to 1300cc US$13,200
From 1301cc to 1500cc US$18,590
From 1501cc to 1600cc US$22,550
From 1601cc to 1800cc (Excluding Jeeps) US$27,940

Pakistan Car Import Duty 2024

Steps To Import a Car In PakistanĀ 

  • Locate the appropriate auto import dealer or online auctioneer and contact them to complete the transaction. The photographs, specifications, and ownership information for the car will all be displayed by the dealer or auctioneer.
  • Auctioneers and import dealers typically need buyers to employ a customs agent, who will be responsible for transporting the vehicle from the country of origin to the buyer’s desired delivery location. You also have the option of independently engaging the services of a customs agent. To import a single vehicle or a large quantity of vehicles, you must first meet with an agent to negotiate the terms and conditions.
  • Your order will be held for 15 days from the time you place it; if you don’t pay for it within that time, you’ll incur late fees and be held responsible for any damage to the merchandise.

Car Import duty 2024

New Sport-Utility Vehicles (SUVs): 80% tax, up from 50%
Old and Used Sport-Utility Vehicles (SUVs) 1801cc-3000cc: 60% unchanged
New Cars and Jeeps 1801cc-3000cc: 80% up from 50%
Used Cars and Jeeps 1801cc-3000cc: 60% unchanged
New Cars and Jeeps above 3000cc: 80% up from 50%
Used Cars and Jeeps above 3000cc: 60% unchanged
New All-terrain vehicles: 80% up from 50%
Old and Used All-terrain vehicles: 60% unchanged
New Cars and Jeeps Above 2000cc: 80% up from 50%
Used Cars and Jeeps Above 2000cc: 60% unchanged
New Cars and Jeeps Above 2500cc: 80% up from 50%
Used Cars and Jeeps Above 2500cc: 60% unchanged
New Other: 80% up from 50%
Old and Used Other: 60% unchanged
Vehicles with a cylinder capacity exceeding 1000cc but not exceeding 1300cc: 15% unchanged

Import duty CalculatorĀ 

  • What the car costs in its entirety
  • Transport Fees and Prices (C & F)
  • Import Duties, Taxes, or Other Fees (According to the Displacement cc and Model Year)
  • Cost of a Passport
  • Fees Paid to Independent Contractors
  • Costs Incurred During Shipping From Pakistan’s Karachi Port to the Final Destination
  • Additional Costs, Such as Challan Fees, Excise, and Documentation Fees


Can you import car duty-free in Pakistan?

As long as the importer complies with the standard import processes and tax and fee regulations in place in Pakistan, anyone can bring a brand-new automobile into the country.

What is the total cost of importing a car?

Payment of import duties in accordance with FBR regulations. Estimated to be around Rs. 50,000 for all the paperwork involved with shipping, excise, and challans. Payment to a Customs Broker (around 15000-20000).

Can I import a car from 1999?

In all cases excluding those involving a transfer of residence, vehicles older than two years will be prohibited from entry.

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