The new trend of Electric Bikes has changed drastically and now new technologies are being introduced to meet the needs of the new generation. Recently, many companies have launched their services in Pakistan, but now Road King has officially launched with a different authority to do so. That’s why we brought to the Price of Road King Electric Bike in Pakistan 2022 which is approximately 103500 to 130000/- PKR. We know that the new place is full of energy, but on the road, we are exhausted. Even if you want to make your journey easier and get to your destination in less time, you probably know how important a bike is for you. The Expected Price of a Road King Electric Bike Price in Pakistan in 2022 is 103500 PKR.

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Road King Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2022

The expected prices of different models of this bike are given as the official price has not been declared by the company. The price range is given below.

Different Models Price (Expected) in PKR
Road King Electric Bike 70 E PKR 103,500 (Estimated)
Road-King Deluxe 70 E PKR 110,000/- PKR
Road King Electric 100 E PKR 130,000/- PKR

Road King Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2022

Road King Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2022

Road King Electric Bike Design

The Road King electric bike has a design similar to motorized bikes. And instead of the engine, the battery is installed and has a cover. In addition, we find all the comforts that other motorcycles do not offer. Instead, they are motorcycles or electric bicycles. On the other hand, there are three variants of these electric bikes, namely the E 70, E 70 Luxus, and E 100 bikes.

These bikes are comparable to motorcycles that have a displacement of 70cc. In addition, the seat and handlebars are designed in such a way that the cyclist feels comfortable when looking in all directions.

Road King Electric Bike Features

The company has inserted the new key features, as well as additional functions of this bike and integration of the manufacturing company, is so well.

  • No Requirement for Petrol
  • No Engine (petrol)
  • Battery and Motors are installed on engine Area
  • No gear system
  •  just Auto Start
  • quality of Tyre is good
  • Graceful look and design
  • Attractive and shiny stickers with multiple colors

Road King Electric Bike Specifications

Battery type Dray and lithium-ion battery Peak power (hp) output 1.2 hp
Electricity consumption in one charge 2 to 3 units Time taken one charge 2 hours to 3 hours
Displacement capacity 70 cc and 100 cc Top speed 80 to 90 km
Maximum mileage 100 km per charge Gear system No gear system

Road King Bike Battery Performance (Lithium-Ion)

The automobile has changed with the introduction of Road King’s electric bicycles. Also, the road king has a fast battery instead of the lithophile. The performance of these bikes is similar to that of motorcycles. Even among the vehicles of the same class, the electric bicycle has the charm of conquering buyers’ attraction. Also, this bike doesn’t require a motor, so let’s take a bird’s-eye view of the battery composition of this electric bike. The battery is fully charged present in this bike  in 2 to 4 hours. On the other hand, once fully charged, the battery can cover a distance of 100 km.

Road king Electric Bike Safety Measurement

This bike is designed to offer the cyclist maximum safety. In addition, the hydraulic shock absorbers and the rear brake system are affected by this phenomenon. Aside from that light and flimsy bike, the Road King Electric bike is faintly better than the other’s electric bikes. Also, the company is still looking for ideas to make it ideal for all electric bikes.

  • Front & Rear drum brakes inserted
  • Battery storage indicator system installed
  • Self-starter system
  • Safety stainless steel safeguard availability
  • Safety Locks for protection
  • Front and Rear suspension
  • Helmet
  • Rear tire brake system integration

Road King Electric Bike Top Speed

  • 80-90 KM/h

Road King Battery Timing & Mileage

Road King Electric bike travels 100 KM distance after fully charged battery.


 The impressive performance of the Road King electric bike is realized in the wild traffic of the city and its remarkable performance adds to the beauty and demand for this bike. When we are stuck in traffic, the cyclist, cuts into that traffic and drives off while the other car pulls out of that bad traffic. Under the circumstances, everyone should choose the electric bike for an easy and fast ride. On the other hand, the price of the motorcycle is not comparable to that of other vehicles. However, the features, luxury, and specs are much richer in the latest. But we have the right to use the best of all vehicles and not just impress with style and specifications. Just nice features don’t reduce the amount we spend on them. We hope you will enjoy our review of Road King Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2022.


What is the Price of Road King Electric Bike 2022 in Pakistan?

The all Variants price of Road King Ev’s Bikes are as follows.

Road King Electric Bike 70 E PKR 103,500 (Estimated)
Road-King Deluxe 70 E PKR 110,000/- PKR
Road King Electric 100 E PKR 130,000/- PKR

What is the Top Speed of Road King Electric Bike?

The Top speed of Road King Electric bike is 80-90 Km/h.

What is the battery type of Road King Electric Bike?

Dray and lithium-ion battery is inserted in the road king electric bike.

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