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The modern trend of Electric Bikes has shifted dramatically, necessitating the introduction of new technology to satisfy the demands of the current generation. In the wake of a flurry of recent service launches in Pakistan, Road King is the latest to do so, but under a new set of regulatory umbrellas. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to the Road King Electric Bike’s estimated 103,500–130,000/- PKR price range in Pakistan in the year 2024. We’re looking forward to the new location’s boundless vitality, but after a long journey, we’re feeling drained. You undoubtedly already know how crucial a bike is for you, even if you just want to make your commute more pleasant and cover the same ground in less time. The Road King Electric Bike is predicted to cost 103,500 PKR in Pakistan in the year 2024.

Road King Electric Bike model price

Road King Electric Bike Price In Pakistan 2024

The range prices of different models of this bike are given as the official price has not been declared by the company. The price range is given below.

Different Models Price (Range) in PKR
Road King Electric Bike 70 E PKR 103,500 (Estimated)
Road-King Deluxe 70 E PKR 110,000/- PKR
Road King Electric 100 E PKR 130,000/- PKR

Pros and Cons

  • Easily to drive
  • No Fuel Expenses
  • Automictic
  • Easily to maintenance
  • Very Expensive
  • Battery issues


Road King Electric Bike Design

The Road King electric bike has a design similar to motorized bikes. And instead of the engine, the battery is installed and has a cover. In addition, we find all the comforts that other motorcycles do not offer. Instead, they are motorcycles or electric bicycles. On the other hand, there are three variants of these electric bikes, namely the E 70, E 70 Luxus, and E 100 bikes.

Road King Electric Bike Features

The company has inserted the new key features, as well as additional functions of this bike and integration of the manufacturing company, is so well.

  • No Requirement for Petrol
  • No Engine (petrol)
  • Battery and Motors are installed on the engine Area
  • No gear system
  •  just Auto Start
  • quality of Tyre is good
  • Graceful look and design
  • Attractive and shiny stickers with multiple colors

Electric Bike Specifications

Battery type Dray and lithium-ion battery
Electricity consumption in one charge 2 to 3 units
Displacement capacity 70 cc and 100 cc
Maximum mileage 100 km per charge
Peak power (hp) output 1.2 hp
Time is taken one charge 2 hours to 3 hours
Top speed 80 to 90 km
Gear system No gear system

Road King Bike Battery Performance (Lithium-Ion)

The emergence of Road King’s electric bicycles has altered the vehicle. As an added bonus, the road king uses a high-speed battery rather than a lithophile. These bicycles’ functionality is quite close to that of motorcycles. The electric bicycle has the charisma to win over customers even among automobiles in the same class. In addition, there is no need for a motor, so let’s have a look at the battery makeup of this electric bike from above. This bike can be fully charged in 2–4 hours thanks to its quick-disconnect battery. However, when the battery is fully charged, it may travel for up to 100 kilometers.

Road King 70 Safety Measurement

This bike is designed to offer the cyclist maximum safety. In addition, the hydraulic shock absorbers and the rear brake system are affected by this phenomenon. Aside from that light and flimsy bike, the Road King Electric bike is faintly better than the other electric bikes. Also, the company is still looking for ideas to make it ideal for all electric bikes.

  • Front and rear drum brakes inserted
  • Battery storage indicator system installed
  • Self-starter system
  • Safety stainless steel safeguard availability
  • Safety Locks for protection
  • Front and Rear Suspension
  • Helmet
  • Rear tire brake system integration

Road King Top Speed

  • 80-90 KM/h

Road King Battery Timing 

Road King Electric bike travels a 100 KM distance after a fully charged battery.


In the chaotic city traffic, the Road King electric bike’s exceptional performance becomes apparent, further enhancing the bike’s aesthetic appeal and consumer demand. The cyclist weaves through the traffic ahead of us and speeds off, while the other vehicle finally manages to get away from the jam. Under these conditions, the electric bike is the best option for convenience and speed. However, when compared to the cost of cars, the motorcycle is far more expensive. Newer models, however, boast superior luxuries and technical specifications. However, we are entitled to the finest automobiles available, regardless of whether or not they are the center of attention. Having fancy extras doesn’t make us spend any less. Our analysis of the Road King Electric Bike Price in Pakistan in 2024 is something we think you’ll find both useful and entertaining.

Road King Electric Bike Competitors In Pakistani Market 

Road King Compete with Jolta Electric In the Pakistani Market.


Jolta Electric Bike

  • The Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan is Rs. 135,000
  • Displacement of Jolta Electric Bike is 70 cc 
  • Bettery Timing is 20 to 30 KM/h
  • Top Speed is 10 to 20 km/h

Jolta Electric Bike


What is the Price of Road King Electric Bike 2024 in Pakistan?

The all Variants price of Road King Ev’s Bikes are as follows.

Road King Electric Bike 70 E PKR 103,500 (Estimated)
Road-King Deluxe 70 E PKR 110,000/- PKR
Road King Electric 100 E PKR 130,000/- PKR

What is the Top Speed of Road King Electric Bike?

The Top speed of Road King Electric bike is 80-90 Km/h.

What is the battery type of Road King Electric Bike?

Dray and lithium-ion battery is inserted in the road king electric bike.

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