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The Suzuki 100 CC Bike 2024 is priced at PKR. 335,000. It has dimensions of 2057 x 725 x 1053 mm. The bike runs on petrol and has a displacement of 100 cc. It features a multi-plate wet clutch and a 4-speed transmission. The bike generates 9.0 HP of horsepower at 7500.0 RPM and 9.0 Nm of torque at 5500.0 RPM. It has a bore and stroke of 50 x 50 mm and a compression ratio of 10.1:1. The fuel tank capacity is 11L, and the average fuel consumption is 40.0 KM/L. The bike has a kick start and can reach a top speed of 100 KM/H. It weighs 106 kg and has a backbone-type frame. The ground clearance is 135mm, and the wheel size is 18 inches. The rear tire size is 120 – 18, and the front tire size is 120 – 120.


 Suzuki 100 CC Bike price

Suzuki 100 CC Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

Like other companies, Pak Suzuki launched 100 cc bikes in Pakistan. Pak Suzuki 100 bike price in Pakistan 2024 is not as high as it has the quality features and build standards. So its Price in Pakistan in 2024 approximately is PKR. 335,000.

Suzuki100CC Bike Features and Specification

100 cc bikes have a powerful engine displacement of 98 cc. whereas it has a 4 4-stroke air-cooled engine with a 4-speed constant mesh speed. The Suzuki 100 cc bike is suitable for all people of all ages. 100 cc bikes are the most famous bikes among all Pakistani motorists. It has many amazing features which make it the most popular choice for buyers. Meanwhile, every day Demand for 100 bikes in Pakistan increases. Due to this huge demand, many other companies also entered in Pakistani Local market. But Suzuki is the most popular and No.1 demand of buyers. Many factors like price tag, design, improved technology; build quality, performance, and maintenance of the 100 cc bike are its key features. Whereas main reason to buy a Suzuki 100 cc bike is its fair price and enough power.

Suzuki 100 CC Bike Fuel mileage

Its fuel mileage is about 37 Km/ Liter which is so impressive.  It is a Fuel-efficient bike. Moreover, Road conditions and bike maintenance have an important role in its mileage.

Suzuki 100 CC Bike Engine Features

 Suzuki 100 CC Bike price


Displacement 98 cubic centimeters
Engine 4, stroke air cooled
Transmission 4 speed
Fuel mileage 40 Km/l

Bike Design of Suzuki 100 CC

The design of 100 cc has a pretty look. It is extremely attractive and stylish.  Whereas it has a gorgeous facelift furthermore its meter is covered with plastic shade which looks very stunning and very fine in structure. It has a comfortable seat design.


 Suzuki 100 CC Bike price


Suzuki 100 cc bike extremely good-looking bike. Due to high mileage, this got among Students and employees whose schools and offices are far from their houses. Moreover, the Suzuki 100 cc bike price In Pakistan is economical. Suzuki has many competitors in the market such as Yamaha 4 stroke 100cc, Honda Pridor 100 cc, and many other companies. But we can say that Suzuki is the most famous and excellent bike due to its features.


Is a 100cc bike good for long drives?

The mileage of bikes in the 100cc category isn’t substantially different from that of 70cc bikes, making them ideal for use by students. However, the 100cc bikes give far more comfort, grip, and stability at high speed, and are appropriate for lengthy journeys if necessary.

What is 100cc top speed?

The top speed of a 100cc  bike is 90 km/L.

What is the price of a 100cc motorcycle in Pakistan?

Alpha 100cc is often purchased because of its low price and ease of maintenance. In Pakistan, you can get a Hi-Speed Alpha 100cc motorcycle for Rs 244,000.

What is the fuel average of a Suzuki 100cc bike?

This motorcycle has great gas mileage for its average. 35 kilometers may be driven on a single tank of gas.

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