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Yamaha Mini 100 Euro II has been introduced in Pakistan. Now everyone is searching for the Yamaha Mini 100 Euro II 2023 price in Pakistan. Yamaha Mini 100 Euro II has very excellent running power and great fuel mileage. Yamaha manufacturer introduced this bike after the great success of Junoon. The Yamaha Mini consists of a smoke-free smooth voice single-cylinder, four-stroke engine, and air-cooled. The fuel tank capacity is 9.5 liters which is enough for a long drive. This bike is giving an amazing performance on the roads. The Yamaha Mini 100 Euro ii provides only one red color. We know to complete detail Yamaha Mini 100 Euro II 2023 price in Pakistan, features, and specs.

Yamaha Mini 100  Euro II Price in Pakistan 2023

The expected price of Yamaha Mini 100 EURO II is PKR 64,900 in the market.

Yamaha Mini 100 Euro II 2023

Different Variants

Yamaha Mini100 EURO II Price PKR 64,900/-

Pros and Cons

  • Superb Fuel Economy On Average
  • Short-Term Profitability
  • Quick Access to Replacement Pieces
  • Obsolete Form
  • Quality of Construction Declining
  • Not Enough Functions

Colors Options

  • Red

Design of the Yamaha Mini 100 Euro II Bike

Yamaha’s Euro II Mini 100 cc is the best of the best motorcycles because of its stunning design and high durability. On the other hand, your preferred motorcycle is possibly the most beautiful item you’ve ever seen. As an added bonus, the magnetic grille is framed by a shiny chrome plate. But, maintaining a sparkling bike will help you feel more refreshed even after a long ride. In this way, it improves the overall quality of your ride. In contrast, the motorcycle’s aerodynamic design allows it to function efficiently even when using a modest amount of power.

Yamaha Mini 100 Features

  • Simply looking at the Yamaha Mini 100cc will show you that the Yamaha Mini 100 Euro II is the result of painstaking engineering work.
  • In addition to a redesigned headlight and smart backlight, the speedometer on the Yamaha Mini 100 Euro II also looks great.
  • The Yamaha Mini 100 Euro II’s hand grips have been upgraded aesthetically and inventively for the rider’s safety and comfort.
  • 9.5-liter fuel tank, 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, sporty, roomy seat, and a more substantial mudguard. However, the indicators are still in the same basic forms as the older version.
  • With its low initial cost, low cost of ownership, and low fuel consumption, the Yamaha Mini 100 Euro II will be your most reliable and cost-effective mode of transportation for the duration of your life.


Specifications Details
Engine 4-stroke, air-cooled, SOHC
Displacement 97cc
Bore & Stroke 47.0mm x 41.0mm
Compression Ratio 8.8:1
Starting Kick start
Transmission 4-speed constant mesh
Clutch Wet, multiple-disc
Fuel System Carburetor
Fuel Tank Capacity 9.5 liters
Ignition CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition)
Front Suspension Telescopic fork
Rear Suspension Dual shock absorber
Front Brake Drum brake
Rear Brake Drum brake
Front Tire 2.50-18-4PR
Rear Tire 2.75-18-4PR
Length x Width x Height 1,850mm x 715mm x 1,030mm
Wheelbase 1,195mm
Seat Height 760mm
Ground Clearance 135mm
Dry Weight 86kg
Maximum Power 7.2 PS @ 7,500 RPM
Maximum Torque 7.6 Nm @ 6,000 RPM

Yamaha Mini 100 Euro II  2023 Competitors

Yamaha Mini 100 Euro II competes with Yamaha YD-100 Junoon and DYL Mini-100  in the market.


Yamaha YD-100 Junoon

  • The Yamaha YD-100 Junoon Price in Pakistan is Rs 72,500
  • Displacement of Yamaha YD-100 Junoonn is 100 cc
  • Mileage is 40.0 KM/L
  • Top Speed is 100 KM/H

____Yamaha YD-100 Junoon_____________________________


DYL Mini-100

  • The DYL Mini-100 2023 Price in Pakistan is Rs 64,900
  • Displacement of DYL Mini-100 is 100 cc
  • Mileage is 50 to 55 KM/L
  • Top speed is 90 KM/H

DYL Mini-100 2023_______________________________


As an AI language model, I don’t have real-time pricing information because prices fluctuate by geography, taxes, etc. As of September 2021, the Yamaha Mini 100 Euro II costs PKR 64,900 in Pakistan. Yamaha Mini 100 Euro II motorcycles are affordable and elegant. Its 97cc engine provides good power and acceleration for its size. Pakistani users like the bike’s compact size and lightweight build because it’s easier to maneuver in traffic and park in tight areas. Buyers should check with local dealerships for current pricing because costs can fluctuate. For sleek and efficient motorcycles in Pakistan, the Yamaha Mini 100 Euro II is a superb value.


What is the current price of the Yamaha Mini 100 Euro II in Pakistan in 2023?

Yamaha Mini-100 bikes cost Rs 64,900. Air-cooled 4-Stroke engine.

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