The automobile industry is always progressing. Since their inception, vehicles have undergone extensive visual revisions to keep up with shifting aesthetic standards and customer priorities in the realm of passive safety. The appearance and functionality of automobiles have changed dramatically throughout the years, from early models resembling horse-drawn buggies to the massive, bloated boats of the 1950s to the sleek, modern vehicles of today. Better and more advanced features are continuously replacing their predecessors. The door handles are an example of such an item. Over the course of the industry’s history, countless variations on methods for gaining access to vehicles have been introduced. Car Door Handles Now and then.

car door handles

Car Door Handles Now and then

While it would be impossible to list every potential variety of automobile door handle, the above are the most prevalent ones. And if you’re one of the lucky ones who’s driven a classic car from the ’60s or ’70s, you’ll love what’s in store for you below.


These door handles, which were clearly influenced by more traditional forms of architectural door hardware, were typically found on the oldest models of autos.


Push Button

Due to safety rules, these were removed from vehicles in the 1970s. Those metal doors had buttons you had to press to open. In many instances, the key opener was built into the button itself, however this was not always the case.



These particular kinds of handles continued to be sold well into the 1970s. They used to have a trigger on the inside of the handle, and in order to open the door, the handle had to be “triggered.” Today, the button is located on the outside of the handle and is made of chrome.


Push Down

Additionally, handles of this sort were sold right up to the 1970s. They used to have a trigger on the inside of the handle, and in order to open the door, it had to be “triggered.” Today, the button on the handle is chrome, but in the past, there was a trigger within the handle.


Pull Up

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