You want to get a Honda CG 125 in 2024, but your budget is insufficient. A motorcycle is available from many banks in installments. The Honda Company collaborated with banks and unveiled the Honda CG 125 2024 installment plan with Zero markups. The Atlas Honda allows riders to pick up a motorcycle without paying the whole amount, which makes it very difficult for riders to pay the full amount at once owing to their financial situation. The fact that motorbike sales have also dropped significantly for the first time in a long time is impressive and demonstrates the current fall in the spending power of the people. For many consumers, an installment plan is a good choice.

Honda CG 125 2023 Installment Plan – Zero Markup

Honda CG 125 2024 Installment Plan – Zero Markup

People’s purchasing power is gradually declining as a result of inflation. The availability of the Honda CG 125 in installments is wonderful news for Atlas Honda customers. Atlas Honda and banks are working together to provide in installments with no markup for up to 36 months. From this page, you may check payment schedules and more.

MCB Honda CG 125 Installment Plan

The Honda CG 125 model is available from MCB in installments. You can select the ideal payment schedule for three to six months. For installment agreements lasting up to 6 months, MCB charges a 0% markup. To receive a free delivery of a Honda bike at your nearby dealer center, submit an application through the official MCB website.

Installment Plan Breakdown

Price Rs. 185,900

  • 3 Months Installment Rs. 61,967
  • 6 Months Installment Rs. 30,983

Customers should keep in mind that the final monthly rental or installment amount may change based on the down payment, so they should contact their bank or Atlas Honda for additional details.

UBL Honda CG 125 Installment Plan

The new Honda CG 125 2024 model is also available with a 3 to 36-month installment plan from UBL. UBL offers a three-month installment plan with a 0% markup. Therefore, if you have a UBL bank account, you qualify for the UBL Honda CG 125 installment plan.

Meezan Honda CG 125 Installment Plan

Honda CG 125 installment plans from 1 to 3 years are available from Meezan Bank. In addition, Meezan Bank provides bike insurance compliant with Islamic Laws. Simply depositing 15% of the motorcycle price through Mazeen Bank can get you a bike with no markup. Under Ijarah financing, they are providing one of the best installment options for a new bike in Pakistan.

Silk Honda CG 125 Installment Plan

Only owners of platinum and gold credit cards are eligible for the installment plans that Silk Bank is providing. Bikes are available for 3 months of payments with 0% markup. Up to 36 months can be used to purchase a bike in payments, however, taxes will be charged proportionately.


As previously said, the Honda CG 125 2024 installment plan provides a convenient and interest-free (zero markup) option for purchasers, making it more accessible for those who would struggle to pay the whole amount upfront and allowing them to obtain their chosen motorcycle. For more information about the installment plan, please visit the Honda Atlas official website or call MCB at (111-000-622) or visit their website.


What is a zero down payment?
When the bank offers to cover the entire value of the motorcycle as part of the loan, it is known as a motorcycle loan with zero down payment.
How do I calculate my bike loan?
Nearly all banks have official websites that you can use to examine the details of your loan. Using your login information, you can access your account online. You can view information about your two-wheeler loan and its status after logging in.
What is 0 percent markup?
It implies that we can reduce markups without sacrificing quality. We’ve done away with import fees, middlemen fees, designer inflation, wholesale and retail markups, and those savings have been passed on to you.
Are there any additional fees or charges associated with the Honda CG 125 2023 installment plan?
MCB is providing a 3-6 month interest-free (zero markup) installment plan for the motorcycle so that customers can acquire their preferred motorcycle without worrying about paying interest or riba. It’s crucial to remember that clients are required to pay a processing fee.

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