You want to purchase a Honda CD 70 in 2023 but lack the necessary funds. You might consider purchasing the motorcycle using the Honda company’s new installment plan. For credit card customers, Atlas Honda is providing a Honda CD 70 2023 installment plan with zero markup and several partnerships. As a result, clients are not concerned about making payments. Customers may simply purchase a motorcycle with the Honda CD 70 2023 installment plan since they can pay the entire price in one go. As a result, we should offer Honda CD 70 clients an installment plan so they can use it.

 Honda CD-70

Honda CD 70 2023 Installment Plan – Zero Markup

The Honda CD 70 motorcycle will be available in 2023 with a 0% markup installment plan from Honda. For people who wish to acquire a Honda CD 70 but require a more flexible payment method, this is a fantastic possibility. The bike may be purchased via the payment plan without any additional markup, making it a cost-effective choice. Customers can select a repayment schedule that works for them, making it simpler to manage their money while still acquiring the bike of their dreams. Honda is providing a practical and cost-effective way to acquire a Honda CD 70 with this plan in 2023.

Honda CD 70 2023 Price in Pakistan

The price of the Honda CD 70 2023 model is Rs. 121,500, which was released by the company on August 17, 2022, and got a lot of excitement from Honda enthusiasts, some of whom acquired the new model only to update their stickers.

MCB Honda CD 70 2023 Installment Plan

  • Atlas Honda has made it easy for clients to buy the Honda CD 70 2023 by offering interest-free (no markup) installment plans through multiple banks, but we will focus exclusively on MCB and its installment plan for the Honda CD 70 2023, which is only available to credit card holders.
  • As a result, MCB bank is offering a 3-6 month interest-free (or zero markup) installment plan for the Honda CD 70 2023, allowing clients to purchase their selected motorcycle without paying interest. It is important to note that the purchase may be subject to a processing fee.

Installment Plan Breakdown

PriceRs. 121,500

  • 3 Months Installment Rs. 40,500
  • 6 Months Installment Rs. 20,250

Customers should keep in mind that the final monthly rental or installment amount may change based on the down payment, so they should contact their bank or Atlas Honda for additional details.

Silk Bank CD 70 2023 Installment Plan

In Pakistan, CD 70 motorcycle installments are available from Silk Bank. Clients in Pakistan who wish to purchase a motorcycle in manageable monthly installments can apply right away. Bikes are available without interest if purchased over a three-month period. This motorcycle will be delivered to the candidate’s address in 10 to 15 days. Installment plans for silk bank bicycles for cardholders.

  •  Three to six-year installment agreements are available
  •  No markup for three months
  •  Only available to owners of Platinum and Gold credit cards.
  •  Free delivery is available nationwide, at the closest dealership.


As previously said, the Honda CD 70 2023 payment plan provides a convenient and interest-free (zero markup) option for purchasers, making it more reasonable for individuals who would struggle to pay the whole amount immediately.


What is the Honda CD 70 2023 installment plan offering?

You won’t have to worry about paying interest because Atlas Honda, in partnership with MCB, is giving credit card holders an Installment Plan for the Honda CD 70 2023 for up to 6 months with no markup.

How to get a Honda bike on installment?

However, as mentioned on the official Honda website, you can purchase Honda bikes on credit from a variety of banks. To obtain a thorough installment schedule for the bike of your choosing, visit the websites or local branches of these institutions.

What is 0 markup?

It implies that we can reduce markups without sacrificing quality. We’ve done away with import fees, middlemen fees, designer inflation, wholesale and retail markups, and those savings have been passed on to you.

Which bank is best for the bike installment?

MCB and Silk Banks are the best for the bike plan.

How can I get a bike with no down payment?

You don’t need to put down any money to obtain a two-wheeler loan. You can purchase your ideal bike or scooter with HDFC Bank’s 100% financing without making any upfront payments.

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