Chinese automakers are set to launch their latest mini-electric car model in Pakistan in 2024. With an attractive design and an affordable price range of PKR 2 million, the China Mini Electric Car offers a stylish and budget-friendly option. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, it can be charged through a regular power outlet. This environmentally friendly vehicle aims to reduce air pollution in Pakistan. The introduction of electric automobiles is a positive step, and the Pakistani government’s support for cutting-edge technologies is commendable.

This Mini EV is totally made in China with two doors and four seats along with other internal features as well as Key specifications. It can take long travel which is approximately 170 to 180 km with a fully charged battery along with 4-5 hours of charged time. The twelve volts charger is inserted to charge it whereas the lithium battery is integrated. The Primary competitors of this EV are Suzuki Alto, Cultus, Wagon R, and KIA Picanto, which will give it a tough time to these cars in Pakistan. China Mini Electric Car Price Launch in Pakistan 2024 has a beautiful design along with a Price Range of 2 to 2.5 lacks only which is affordable for all Pakistanis.

China Mini Electric Car Price in Pakistan 2024

The Price of this car is on a very low budget which is only 2 lacks to 2.5 lacks in Pakistan 2024. There are two Variants upper and lower. The Upper Variant has an Expected price of more than two lacks while the lower variant has a price range of 2 lacks. These Prices are estimated but the actual price will be after the official announcement of the Company. The reason for the low price is that all the parts are made in China and no spare part is imported from the outer. Check out another upcoming electric car 2024 as given below.

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The China Mini Electric Car, also known as QQ, is a compact and stylish vehicle manufactured by Chery Automobile, one of the top Chinese automakers. Designed specifically for urban driving, this electric car is powered by lithium-ion batteries and can be conveniently charged through a regular power outlet. In terms of pricing, the China Mini Electric Car Price in Pakistan is expected to be around PKR 1.5 million, making it an affordable option for a modern electric car.

Mini Electric Car: A Game-Changer in the Pakistani Market

The introduction of China-made mini-electric cars has had a significant impact on the Pakistani automobile market. These cars are imported by various local automobile companies and are offered at attractive prices. Over the years, Chinese automakers have improved the quality of their products, which has resulted in increased consumer confidence in the brand. The affordability and eco-friendliness of Mini Electric cars make them an ideal choice for students, professionals, and individuals on a budget who are looking to embrace electric mobility.

Future of Mini Electric Cars in Pakistan

Mini Electric cars have a promising future in Pakistan. As the country focuses on sustainable development and reducing carbon emissions, the demand for electric vehicles is expected to rise. Mini, as a brand, has recognized this trend and is committed to expanding its electric car lineup. With continuous advancements in technology, it is likely that Mini Electric cars will offer improved range, faster charging capabilities, and more innovative features in the coming years. The brand aims to contribute to a greener environment while providing reliable and affordable electric vehicles to Pakistani consumers.

The Launch of Mini Electric Car

The Mini Electric Car was launched globally in 2019, marking a significant milestone for Mini in the electric vehicle market. While the specific launch date in Pakistan is yet to be announced, the arrival of this compact and environmentally friendly car is highly anticipated in 2024. With its attractive design, compact size for easy maneuverability, and affordable pricing, the Mini Electric Car is poised to make a strong impact on the Pakistani market, offering an accessible option for those looking to embrace electric mobility.

China Mini Electric Car Booking Price in Pakistan 2024

The Booking Price of this car is near about 40 to 50 thousand in Pakistan after the launch date.

China Mini Electric Car Price Launch in Pakistan 2024

China Mini Electric Car Exterior


China Mini Electric Car Expected Launch Date in Pakistan 2024

The Expected launch date of this EV is in the last Quarter of the current year, which is expected in the month of January or February.

China Mini Electric Car Availability in Pakistan 2024

The China Mini EV car will be available in the Official stores of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad after the exact launch date as China has made the official branches in Pakistan.

China Mini Electric Car Exterior and Interior 2024

The Outer look of the China mini EV Car is sleek and gracious with two doors and 4 no of seats. It can travel 170 km as per a fully charged battery one time along with a time duration of 4-5 hours. There are multiple inner features as well as beautiful designs having features including ABS brakes, EBD, and EBS functionality. Other main features are inserted in this model along with entertainment and other comforts.

China Mini Electric Car interior Dashboard China Mini Electric Car interior Seating Capcity

China Mini EV Car Key Features and Specs 2024

There are many key features of this car with the lowest cost, some key features are as follows.

  • Two Doors
  • 4 No of seats
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Air Condition
  • 2 Airbags
  • LCD Screen
  • ABS Braking system
  • EBS + EBD
  • Central locking system
  • Power Windows
  • LED Front Lights
  • Powerful battery
  • 12 volts Charger
  • DRL
  • Back View Camer

China Mini EV Charging

  • It will be charged for the duration of 4 to 5 hours.

China Mini EV Mileage

  • 170-180 km travel on one one-time fully charged battery.

China Mini EV Competitors

The main competitors of China Mini Electric Car are Suzuki Cultus, Kia Picanto  and  Suzuki Alto.


Suzuki Cultus

  • The Suzuki Cultus Price in Pakistan is PKR 37.18 – 43.66 lacs
  • Displacement of Suzuki Cultus is 1000 cc
  • Mileage is 14 – 18 KM/L
  • Top Speed is 180 KM/H

Suzuki Cultus 2024 model


Kia Picanto

  • The Kia Picanto Price in Pakistan is PKR 33.5 – 36.5 lacs
  • Displacement of Kia Picanto is 1000 cc
  • Mileage is 12 – 15 KM/L
  • Top Speed is 180 KM/H

Kia picanto 2024 model



Suzuki Alto

  • The Suzuki Alto Price in Pakistan is PKR 22.51 – 29.35 lacs
  • Displacement of  is 658 cc
  • Mileage is  17 – 19 KM/L
  • Top Speed is 140 KM/H

Suzuki Alto 2024 Model


The introduction of the China Mini Electric Car Price in Pakistan in 2024 brings exciting prospects for the country’s automobile industry. The affordable pricing, eco-friendliness, and compact design of Mini Electric cars make them an appealing choice for Pakistani consumers. As the government and consumers embrace sustainable solutions, Mini Electric cars are expected to gain popularity, contributing to a greener and cleaner environment. With continuous advancements and future plans for expansion, Mini is well-positioned to play a significant role in shaping the electric vehicle landscape in Pakistan.


What is the expected Price of a China Mini EV Car in Pakistan in 2024?

China Mini Electric Car Price Launch in Pakistan 2024 ranges from 250000 to 350000.

What is the mileage of the China Mini Electric Car when fully charged?

China mini EV covers a distance of 170 km when it will be fully charged.

How many variants of China Mini EV Car?

There are two variants upper and lower variant.

What is the Expected release date in Pakistan in 2024?

The expected launch date of the China Mini EV Car is January or February.

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