The Chinese auto company has launched a new electric SUV called the Nano Box. It is cheaper than the Cultus and falls into the small crossover category. The Nano Box is part of a series of electric cars produced in the same factory, including the Aeolus EXI, Dongfeng Fengguang E1, Dongfeng Fengxing T1, and Venucia e30. It has a modern design, a 27.2 kWh battery providing a range of up to 331 kilometers, and a single electric motor powering the front wheels. The price starts from 2,200,000 to 2,300,000 Rupees (9,700 to 10,600 USD), making it the most affordable electric SUV in Pakistan. The company aims to broaden its EV manufacturing by introducing three to five fresh EV models within the upcoming five years.

China Electric Car Nano Box Coming Price in Pakistan 2024

The Chinese SUV is the best electric car that will be imported into Pakistan. The price range of China’s electric car Nano Box is 22 lacks to 23 lacks in Pakistan.

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Model Price in PKR (estimated)
Nano Box 22-23 lacks

China Electric Car Nano Box Coming in Pakistan

China Electric Car Nano Box coming in Pakistan

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China Electric Car Nano Box Exterior Design

The car’s front fascia features a charging port and a split headlight flanked by chrome strips that increase the width of the car. The side profile of the electric SUV adopts semi-concealed door handles. In general, this economy SUV “Nano Box” has a very round shape.

The body panels are mostly shared with the other Renault Kwid-based vehicles. There are differences in the front and rear lights, as well as the front bumper. That’s a good way to save money, and all of the models under various names appear to be selling faster than they can be manufactured.

China Electric Car Nano Box Interior Design

The interior of the Dongfeng Nano Box (love the name) is completely unique, and it conceals its low-cost origins quite well. The central 10?? the screen handles infotainment, while the 7?? screen behind the steering wheel displays all relevant information. There are climate control dials (hallelujah!) and a large dial that alternates between driving forward and reverse in the center console.

Nano Box Interior Dashboard Nano Box interior Seating Capcity

China Electric Car Nano Box Features

The Nano Box follows in the footsteps of its forefathers, with a single tiny electric motor powering the front wheels. The 45hp (33 kW) power and 125 Nm torque won’t make you the traffic light king or queen, but it will get you around town. The CLTC cycle predicts a 331-kilometer range, but to be honest, even the WLTP cycle’s 225-kilometer range for the Dacia version is optimistic. Expect less than 200 kilometers from its 27.2 kWh battery; the car is merely a nice city shopping trolley.

Charging features

The good news is that with such a small battery, it only takes 30 minutes to charge it to 80% capacity; but, a full charge will take 4 hours because small batteries can grow hot and the charging curve slows down significantly as the cell fills up.

Other Features and Comforts

  • 7 Instrument Panel
  • 10 Central Control Display
  • Application – Vehicle control
  • Automatic and remote climate control
  • Vehicle location display
  • Internal diagnostic system
  • Load management
  • Parking sensors
  • Brakes ABS with electronic brake force distribution (EBD) and
    Brake Assist (BA) technology
  • Voice recognition
  • Rearview camera
  • Bluetooth connectivity

China Electric Car Nano Box Specifications

The Nano Box is a small crossover SUV with a modern design and a rounded profile. It contains a 27.2 kWh ternary lithium battery that enables a range of up to 331 kilometers. It has a single electric motor that produces 125 Newton meters (Nm) of torque and 44 horsepower (hp) and powers the front wheels only.

The car looks significantly larger in pictures than it is based on its off-road design with high handling and low overhangs. In reality, the car is only 3,723 mm long, 1,579 mm wide, and 1,515 mm high.


It has a single electric motor that produces 125 Newton meters (Nm) of torque and 44 horsepower (hp) and powers the front wheels only.

Motor Power

  • 44 horsepower


  • 3,723 mm long
  • 1,579 mm wide
  • 1,515 mm high

China Electric Car Nano Box Mileage and Battery Capacity

It contains a 27.2 kWh ternary lithium battery that enables a range of up to 331 kilometers after a fully charged battery.


It can compete with the cultus as well as wagon R because it has less price as compared to cultus.


In the final verdict of this article, we can say that in the upcoming days, it will compete for our cultus in Pakistan. you can check all the details to read the complete article. Further, check online for China Electric Car Nano Box coming in Pakistan with the latest features, Specs, and availability in Pakistan in 2024.


What is the expected Price of the China Electric Car Nano Box in Pakistan?

The price of a China Electric Car Nano Box ranges between 22-23 lacks in Pakistan.

Is Nano Box EV available in Pakistan?

China Electric Car Nano Box coming in Pakistan with a 2024 model.

What is the expected Engine specification of the Nano EV?

44 horsepower (hp) motor with 125 Nm. Torque.

Are Electric Cars coming to Pakistan?

China electric cars are coming in Pakistan as Nano Box, china mini electric, BMW i3, and i8 models.

What is the brand name of the Nano car?
Tata Motors
Is Nano good for long drives?
Everything is fit and fine to drive a Nano for long tours. Just ensure that, take a 10-15min stoppage after driving 70-80 km to avoid overheating of the engine.
How many cc is a Nano car?
The Diesel engine is 624 cc, the Petrol engine is 624 cc, the CNG engine is 624 cc and It is available with Manual and automatic transmission. Depending upon the variant and fuel type the Nano has a mileage of 36.0 km/kg & Ground clearance of Nano is 180mm.

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