Honda CG 125 is one of the most popular bikes in Pakistan. Honda has launched now new models in Pakistan with the new Honda CG 125 price, features, and specifications. It has a 1,68,000 /-  PKR amount approximately in Pakistan in 2022. In Pakistan, Honda CG 125 is most popular among the people because the reason behind is that it has its own silencer sound and thrilling sound. It is to be considered the king of bikes in Pakistan.  You can check new Honda CG 125 Price, designs, features, and specifications. Atlas Honda has more than 40% share all over Pakistan.

Honda has some amendments with new features and specifications, add to this powerful engine so that a litter of price increase CG 125 Price in Pakistan. The manufacturer company introduced some heavy features for the quality and grip on the road. No other bike can compete with Honda CG 125 so the Company (Atlas Honda) provided 3 years warranty with new models. you can check all bike prices and details to visit

Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan

It has some new Prices now a little bit high but there is no compromise according to its quality so that all the qualities of the engine and other specific features are embedded.

Honda CG 125 Price Honda CG 125 Special Edition
1,68,000/- PKR 198,000/- PKR

Specific Features of Honda CG 125

There are special features are embedded in the engine Honda by the manufacturing company which is very compatible with efficiency and effectiveness. Features are as given below:

  • Smokeless engine with 4 strokes
  • Strong Engine with 4 strokes
  • back light with new design
  • Good brightness of front light
  • Front light is very attractive and high brightness
  • Comfortable seat with rear grip
  • New design of tank with attractive new design
  • Good speedo meter

Honda CG 12 Petrol Average

Its engine produces 11 (HP) speed with 4 stroke and low fuel consumption speed. It travels 50 km in 1 L of petrol. It has a 12-volt battery and ignition system with CDI..

Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan 2022 Feature and Specification

Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan 2022 Feature and Specification

Specifications of Honda CG 125

Some special additional capacity and specifications are added to this model.

Engine 4 stroke OHV Tank capacity 9.2 L
Stroke & bore 49.5 x 56.5 mm Seat 771 mm
Dimension (L,w,h) 1911 x 732 x 1016 mm Tyre of front 2.5 – 18.4 PR
Start Kick start Tyre of bake 3 – 17.6 PR
Transmission 4-speed continuous Dry weight 99 kg
Wheel 1201mm Suspension front 103 mm travel
Ground Clearance 140mm Suspension back 68 mm travel

Engine oil capacity

  • Engine oil capacity is 800 km/ 1 L
Honda 125 Special Addition Price and specs 2022

Honda Special Edition has an attractive and graceful look but the price is high as the specifications.

Honda Special Addition Price 1,98,000/- PKR

Honda CG 125 Price Honda Special Addition


4 stroke 125 cc OHV  with Cool Air Big break Drum Roller Chain
Self-start Exceptional control Black silencer
Kick start 5-speed Silencer with stirring sound

 Fuel Average

The maximum average is 35 but not sure of the total average. According to some experience sources, it can travel 35-40 km on Average in one-liter petrol.

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