Pakistan made the first Electric car JAXERI in Pakistan, on the 75th Independence Day. The Dice Foundation is the company that has designed the prototyping with effective manners, although there are many partners of this JAXERI. The NCA Lahore has made all the exterior visualization of this upcoming Electric car in Pakistan 2023, where many local partners like NUST, NCA, TEVTA PUNJAB, AND SIR SAYED UNIVERSITY’S work and research for this project and Finally the Upcoming Electric Car in Pakistan 2023 has been completed at the time of independence day. There are many features and many standard Specifications of this car whereas 35kwh battery is installed on it. We will share the latest updates and all other details soon as the official price is announced for this EV car. In a short period of time, this Electric car is available all over Pakistan.

Upcoming Electric Car Price in Pakistan 2023

As soon as possible we will share all the Features as well as Specifications of this car as it is a new car so we may take some time to calculate the Features, Specifications, and all details about this upcoming vehicle. For some external sources, the price range is pocket friendly but a little bit high as there are some standards of this car like battery and others. So the price range is high as compared to others, but many advantages of this MODEL are configured.  The price range is high but the cost of battery charging is low as compared to the fuel average of the vehicle. So we can say that it saves money when it will be fully charged as compared to fuel vehicles.  The CEO of this project asked that they made Sedans and SUVs of Electric as soon as possible.

Exterior Design Prototype

Electric Upcoming Car in Pakistan 2023

Electric Upcoming Car in Pakistan 2023

The Exterior design of this vehicle is so attractive and graceful. The Prototype design is shown till now but later it will be released fully on the open marketplace and production of this car. They will release more designs with multiple colors.

Upcoming Electric Car Interior Design

The internal look is very beautiful with leather seats, air conditioning, Steering tit, Auto window glasses, and other main standards equipped in this EV-JAXERI.

Electric Upcoming Car in Pakistan 2023

Upcoming Electric Car in Pakistan 2023

The list of Electric Cars is given below. You can also check Online List from the There are different companies who want to launch the new version and models with upgrade features as well as key specifications.  The list is given below.

 Upcoming Electric Cars List in Pakistan 2023

  • MG Marvel R
  • BMW 17
  • DFSK Series 3
  • Honda Prologue EV
  • Toyota BZ4X
  • Toyota BZ5X

DFSK Series 3

The expected price of MG Marvel is 55 lack in Pakistan, 405 km, Automatic, and 4WD System.

MG Marvel

70-lacks Price in Pakistan expectation, 132 hp, 402 km, 7 hours, Automatic, RWD, 5 Seater, 7 Airbags, and Crossover.

BMW 17

500 lacks price in Pakistan, Electric, 600 km, Automatic, Sedan, Airbags, Driver, and Passenger.

The price and Some Specs, and Features are unofficial in Pakistan expectedly, all specs, features, and Prices on this page are unofficial, the official price and specs will be updated on the official announcement.

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