The Honda Benly E Electric Scooter is priced between PKR 250,000 to PKR 300,000 in Pakistan in 2024. It has a top speed of 45 KM/H and a range of 87 kilometers. The scooter features a 21700 battery with 4,000 battery life cycles. It offers two-speed modes, charging in 180 minutes, and has a swappable battery option for extended riding. Honda’s entry into the electric vehicle market signifies a commitment to a greener future. The launch event included notable figures and emphasized Honda’s dedication to meeting customer needs and gathering feedback for future improvements.

Honda Benly E Electric Scooter Price in Pakistan 2024

In Pakistan’s electric vehicle market, pricing plays a crucial role. The Honda BENLY e electric bike is expected to be competitively priced at approximately PKR 250,000 to PKR 300,000, making it more affordable compared to Chinese electric bikes priced over Rs300,000. This affordability, coupled with potential savings on fuel costs, makes electric bikes an appealing option for consumers in Pakistan.

Future of  Mobility in Pakistan

Honda showcased its dedication to innovation and sustainability during the launch event held at the Sheikhupura Factory. Although the exact release date of the BENLY e in the local market is unknown, there is a strong sense of excitement and anticipation surrounding its arrival.

Honda Benly E Electric Scooter Pictures

Honda Benly E Electric Scooter price

Honda Benly E Electric Scooter price

Honda Benly E Electric Scooter price

Battery and Power

The Honda BENLY e features a 21700 battery with an impressive 4,000 battery life cycles. Electric vehicles produce zero power output, aligning with their eco-friendly nature.

Range and Speed

With a range of 54.1 miles, the BENLY e motorcycle ensures confident journeys. The scooter offers two-speed modes, reaching 15.5 mph and 28 mph, catering to various riding preferences and urban commuting needs.

Charge Time and Swappable Battery

Efficiency is a highlight, with the Honda BENLY e-bike having a 180-minute charge time. The swappable battery option adds practicality, allowing users to quickly replace a depleted battery with a charged one, extending the riding experience without long downtime.

Honda Benly E Electric Scooter Specifications

Price PKR 250,000 to PKR 300,000
4000 life Cycle
Battery type Dray and lithium-ion battery
Displacement capacity 70 cc and 100 cc
Maximum mileage 100 km per charge
Peak power (hp) output 1.2 hp
Time is taken one charge 4 hours to 5 hours
Top speed 45 km
Gear system No gear system


How much does the Honda Benly e-bike cost?

The price of the Honda Benly e-bike price in Pakistan will be around PKR 250,000 to PKR 300,000.

What is the warranty on the Honda Benly e-bike?

The Honda Benly e-bike has a 2-year warranty.

 How long does it take to charge the Honda Benly e-bike?

With a standard Honda Benly charger, the battery will take approximately 4-5 hours to charge from 0% to 100%.

What is the top speed of the Honda Benly e-bike?

The top speed of the Honda Benly e-bike is 45 kilometers per hour.

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