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Suzuki motorcycles are manufactured in Pakistan by Pak-Suzuki Motors, which has been producing 44,000 motorcycle units per year in Pakistan since 2018. The Suzuki GR 150 was introduced to the Pakistan market on December 5, 2017. It is a consumer and customer favorite due to its advanced and unique features, attractive appearance, durability, and healthy Suzuki GR 150 Price in Pakistan 2023. Its aerodynamic design sets it apart from its competitors, and its powerful suspensions allow for a smooth ride on all types of rough roads. It has distinctive features but is slightly more expensive than its competitors. The expected price of Suzuki GR 150 Price in Pakistan in 2023 is 385000/- PKR. Only two colors red and black are included in this model but they are sufficient to compete in the market as well as the engagement of the people in Pakistan.


Suzuki GR 150 Price in Pakistan 2023

Suzuki GR 150 Price in Pakistan 2023

The cost of the Suzuki GR 150 may be found in the table below. Suzuki has just implemented a pricing rise across the board.

Model Suzuki GR 150
Price 385000/- PKR

Features of Suzuki GR 150 2022 in Pakistan

  • 1500 cc engine with 8-speed gears
  • It comes with disk brake front & fuel indicator
  • Self-Start system
  • Sleek & Stylish design and Aerodynamic Oil Tank
  • Strength of Frame and Suspension
  • Gear indicator
  • Comfortable seat with rear grip
  • Wheels type is Alloy

Specifications of Suzuki GR 150

Engine 4-Stroke with Single Cylinder Air Cooled
Compression Ratio 0:1
Transmission 5-speed
Frame Diamond
Dimension (L*w*h) 2055
Petrol Capacity 12.5 L
Dry Weight 133 KG
Ignition type CDI
Length Overall 1900
Height Overall 1050
Rear Brake Drum
Bore & Stroke 57 x 58.6 mm
Displacement 150 cc
Clutch Wet Type Multi-Clutch Plates
Starting Kick, Electric Start
Ground Clearance 165 mm
Tyre at Front 2.75 – 18
Tyre at Back 3.0 – 18
Seating Capacity 2 Person officially
Width 750
Wheelbase 1215
Front Brake Drum

Suzuki GR Colors

The only two colors red and black are introduced by the company in this model but they are sufficient for the engagement of people all over Pakistan.

  • Red
  • Black

The sleek colors enhance the beauty and attraction of this model as it has many multi-features as well as specifications.

Suzuki GR Fuel Average

The average Suzuki bike is approximately 27 km per one liter of Petrol.

  • 25-27 Km/ L

Suzuki GR Battery

The battery size of this bike same as compare of other bikes’ batteries but now the company installed a dry battery on it for a long time uses.

  • 17AH 12 V


Those in Pakistan who are interested in purchasing one of these motorcycles can do so by contacting a reputable Suzuki motorcycle dealer in their area and, after completing the necessary steps outlined by the manufacturer, taking possession of their new ride in no time. That is the entirety there is to recognise about Suzuki GR 150 Cost in Pakistan 2023. This recently produced Suzuki motorcycle has a sleek design that sets it apart from other motorcycles on the market and in use in Pakistan right now and in the past. Suzuki’s customer base has grown more strong in Pakistan as a result of the company’s three-year guarantee on motorcycles.


What is the Price of Suzuki 150 GR in Pakistan in 2023?

The Price of Suzuki GR 150 is 385000/- PKR in Pakistan in 2023.

What is the Fuel average of Suzuki GR?

The fuel average of this bike is 27 km/ 1 L of petrol.

What is the engine Displacement of the Suzuki GR 150?

The displacement of this bike is 150cc.

What is the Battery size of the Suzuki GR 150?

The battery size is 25-27 Km/ L and a dry battery is installed on it.

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