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Suzuki Sprinter 110cc Price in Pakistan 2023 Price
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Suzuki Sprinter 110cc Bike 2023 is a well-known brand of two-wheeled bikes in the world. That offers a range of bikes its different riders. Suzuki Sprinter Bike is one of the most popular models, a favorite among riders for its looks, fuel efficiency, and excellent performance. The latest model of the Suzuki Sprinter Bike has new features and specs. In this post, we will explore the Suzuki Sprinter 110cc Bike 2023 price in Pakistan’s latest model specs feature mileage details pics, and more detail about this.

Suzuki Sprinter 110cc Price in Pakistan 2023

The expected price of the Suzuki Sprinter 110cc is PKR 98,400 in the market.

Suzuki Sprinter 110cc Price in Pakistan 2023


Suzuki Sprinter110cc Price PKR 98,400

Pros and Cons

  • Superb Fuel Economy On Average
  • Short-Term Profitability
  • Quick Access to Replacement Pieces
  • Obsolete Form
  • Quality of Construction Declining
  • Not Enough Functions

Colors Options

  • Red
  • Black

Suzuki Sprinter 110cc Overview

Suzuki takes huge inventive steps with its motorcycles and goes above and beyond. The most recent example of a clever invention by Suzuki engineers is the Suzuki Sprinter 110cc. The Suzuki Sprinter 110cc is a friendly motorcycle with respectable features and performance capabilities. The Suzuki Sprinter has a polyurethane foam component that, under all circumstances, makes the exhaust emissions environmentally friendly. Performance and longevity are well-known strengths of the 110cc Suzuki Sprinter. Suzuki Sprinter doesn’t vibrate or buzz even at high speeds. The Suzuki Sprinter’s strong frame guarantees an incredibly smooth ride on any type of road. Suzuki Sprinter sports a typical design and style in addition to reasonable mileage.

Suzuki Sprinter 110cc Mileage Detail

Beginning with the highlights, it has a 10.5-liter size huge and an active tank. Compared to other bikes, which have a capacity of 1.5 liters, the reserve capacity is higher at roughly 2 liters. A kick has an electrical ignition system that may be used to ignite it and start it moving. The distinguishing characteristic of this bike, which makes it more noticeable, is its high compression ratio.

Features of Suzuki Sprinter 110cc

Engine: The 110cc four-stroke Suzuki Sprinter110cc engine provides a smooth and dependable performance.
Fuel economy: The Sprinter110cc is a highly fuel-efficient bike that gives users financial savings. It has a 9-liter fuel tank and gets 60 kilometers per gallon on average.
Pleasant ride: The bike is made with a smooth suspension system and a comfy seat to give the rider and passenger a comfortable ride.
Design flair: The Sprinter 110cc has a design flair that sets it apart from the competition. It has a modern appearance thanks to its aerodynamic shape, stylish graphics, and sleek lights.

Easy to handle: The bike is simple to manage, weighing only 96 kg, and has a low seat height of 758 mm, making it an excellent choice for new riders of all ages.
Features that increase safety: The Suzuki Sprinter110cc has features that increase safety, such as a front disc brake that offers dependable stopping force and a halogen headlight that improves vision at night.
Storage space: The bicycle offers an accessible under-seat storage area where you may keep small items like a helmet or gloves.

Suzuki Sprinter 110cc Specs

Engine Type 4-stroke air-cooled Single cylinder, OHC
displacement  109cm
Bore x Stroke 53.5mm x 48.8mm
Compression Ratio 9.6:1
Carburetor MIKUNI BS22, Single
Starter System Kick
Transmission 4-speed
Air Cleaner Polyurethane foam element
Clutch Wet Multi-Plate type
Gearshift Pattern  4-down
Suspension Front Rear
Brake Front  Drum
Rear       Drum
Ignition Type Electronic Ignition
Drive Chain 10 B.T.D at 1500 pm
Ignition Timing 428,102 links
Spark Plug NGK CR6HS
Battery  12v9kc
Fuel Tank 10.5L
Reserve 2.0L
Engine Oil 700ml
Overall Length 1900mm
Overall Width 755mm
Overall Height 1050mm
Wheelbase 1225mm
Ground Clearance 150mm
Seat Height 800mm
Dry Weight 91kg
Frame Type Single Backbone

Suzuki Raider 110 2023 Competitors

 Suzuki Sprinter 110cc Bike competes with Suzuki Raider 110 and Jackpot 110  in the market.


Suzuki Raider 110

  • The Suzuki Raider 110 Price in Pakistan is Rs 101,400
  • Displacement of the Suzuki Raider 110 is 110 cc
  • Mileage is 45.0 KM/L
  • Top Speed is 100 KM/H

Suzuki Raider 110



Jackpot 110

  • The Jackpot 110  Price in Pakistan is Rs 85,500
  • Displacement of the Jackpot 110  is 107 cc
  • Mileage is 50 KM/L
  • Top speed is 90-100 KM/H

Jackpot 110


In conclusion, the combination of the Suzuki Sprinter 110cc’s dependability, affordability, and remarkable features makes it a highly sought-after motorcycle in Pakistan. The Sprinter110cc is the perfect bike for commuters and riders of all ages because of its fuel-efficient engine, pleasant ride, elegant design, and safety features. In addition to convenient features like under-seat storage and self-start technology, the bike is also simple to handle. The Suzuki Sprinter 110cc is a reasonably priced option for those looking for a high-quality bike without breaking the bank. Overall, the Suzuki Sprinter 110cc is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a dependable, effective, and fashionable bike that is made to provide a pleasurable riding experience.


What is the fuel average of the Suzuki Sprinter 110cc?

The Suzuki Sprinter 110cc 2023’s fuel economy ranges from 45 kilometers per liter.

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