We’ve got another vehicle comparison for you, this time pitting the newly released United Alpha Vs Suzuki Alto. Alpha’s introduction has unquestionably raised the bar for the hatchback segment. After years of Pak Suzuki’s monopoly, new automobiles like the United Bravo, Prince Pearl, and now the United Alpha have entered the market. Below, I’ll highlight some of the key differences and similarities between these two vehicles. Put on your seatbelts and take in this analogy.

United Alpha Vs Suzuki Alto

United Alpha Vs Suzuki Alto Comparison


United has just released the Alpha at Rs1,395,000, while Suzuki’s Alto VXR goes for Rs1,933,000. The price difference between the two hatchbacks is Rs68,000.

Powertrain Components

United Alpha’s 993cc motor produces 68 horsepower and 93Nm of torque. The Suzuki Alto has a much smaller 658cc engine that only generates 39hp and 56Nm Torque. By looking at the powertrain and dimensions, it is clear that these two vehicles are completely different. Both cars, however, share a 5-Speed manual transmission, making them comparably capable in this respect.


While the Suzuki Alto comes standard with dual airbags, United’s Alpha does not. Airbags are not a nice-to-have, but a necessary, addition to any vehicle, thus United Motors needs to go to work on incorporating them into its hatchback.

Steel Spokes

Alpha has the upper hand when compared to United Motors when it comes to Alloy Wheels. Suzuki Alto, on the other hand, is absent them. Alloy rims are an excellent improvement over steel ones due to their increased usefulness, dependability, and durability.

Headlamps for Use in Low Visibility Conditions

Wagon R also doesn’t provide fog lights, but Union Alpha does. This makes it more convenient and comfortable to drive in Alpha during the foggy seasons.

Power features, including the steering wheel and windows

Power Steering is standard on both the Alpha and the Alto, making both of them stress-free to manoeuvre in heavy traffic. All of Alpha’s windows are powered, but in Alto they must be operated by hand.

Wiper for the Rear Window

Unlike the Suzuki Alto, which lacks a wiper, the United Motors hatchback offers this little but quite useful function. Until recently, local manufacturers didn’t even bother to offer a rear wiper on their vehicles, but times are changing and newly introduced vehicles now come standard with this convenient accessory.

In-Back Recording System

United Alpha once again sets the standard by including a rear-view camera that makes parking and backing up a breeze for the driver. Pak Suzuki has yet to install this feature in Alto, so be extra cautious when parking your vehicle, especially in confined spaces.

Visual Display Unit

While the Suzuki Alto comes standard with an ordinary stereo, United gives the Alpha’s cabin a modern touch by including a 10.1-inch screen for multimedia playback. This interface is where you’ll manage your radio, audio, and Bluetooth settings.


Why Alto is the best car?

The Alto personifies the ideals upon which the storied Maruti Suzuki name has been built. Cost-effective repairs and maintenance over a vehicle’s lifetime. The Alto is adored by many because of the excellent combination of these features.

Which Alto model is best for mileage?

Variant Mileage
Alto Std 2000-2012796 cc, Manual, Petrol, ? 2.40 Lakh*EXPIRED 19.7 kmpl
Alto LX796 cc, Manual, Petrol, ? 2.73 Lakh*EXPIRED 19.7 kmpl
Alto XCITE796 cc, Manual, Petrol, ? 2.73 Lakh*EXPIRED 19.7 kmpl
Alto Vxi 1.11061 cc, Manual, Petrol, ? 2.81 Lakh*EXPIRED 18.9 kmpl

Which car can be compared to Alto?

  • Renault Kwid
  • Hyundai Grand i10 Nios.

Which is the No 1 car in Pakistan?

  • Suzuki Alto

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