There are several good arguments in favour of always using a seat belt. They work to prevent bodily harm to those in vehicles in the event of an accident. They help distribute the force of a collision across a larger region, protecting the shoulders and the core from injury. You’re protecting your brain and spinal cord when you buckle up. Even though most new automobiles have built-in seatbelts, it is nevertheless a widely held fact that drivers rarely use them. Common Excuses Why People Don’t Wear Seatbelts in Pakistan.

Why People Don't Wear Seatbelts in Pakistan

Common Excuses Why People Don’t Wear Seatbelts in Pakistan

Negligent perception

There are still many people who aren’t aware of how crucial it is to always fasten their seatbelts.

Due to a lack of police enforcement

There is a severe lack of enforcement of road safety standards in our country. Those stricter rules have their origins in the days of black and white television. Even while traffic officers rarely issue challans for not wearing a seatbelt, they themselves appear to have insufficient knowledge of the importance of doing so. In reality, it’s still just another method to make some extra cash.

The vast majority of cars and trucks violate federal safety regulations.

A lack of actual safety regulations in our country has already been stated. For a long time, car manufacturers in Pakistan only provided seatbelts for the driver and front passenger, leaving the rear passengers with no protection. For a long time, the less expensive choices in our market did not even include driver seatbelts. Even today, the vast majority of cars on the road do not have working seatbelts, and the drivers of these vehicles are not taught the value of wearing them. Unfortunately, there is no system in place to remove old cars from circulation in the United States.

Clothes are creased by seatbelts.

Some people refuse to use seatbelts because they claim doing so will ruin their clothing. Staggering in absurdity, yet real.

That’s right, we’ve got airbags

A lot of people believe that airbags will protect them from harm in a crash when in fact they won’t. Many drivers and passengers are unaware that airbags are a supplementary restraint system (SRS) that will not deploy unless the seatbelts are fastened. Keep in mind that an airbag can kill you if it deploys while you are not wearing a seatbelt.

Misleading Safety Belt Reminders

If the car’s sensors determine that the occupants aren’t wearing their seatbelts, a warning sound will sound to get their attention. Unfortunately, some people either don’t care or try to cheat the system with things like fake seatbelt clips.

Many see it as an unnecessary difficulty

Many people see the necessity of always fastening their seatbelts before getting behind the wheel as a nuisance. They don’t feel the need to wear one, and they don’t want to wear it. Keep in mind that everyone in the car, not just the driver, should be wearing a seatbelt. Do not risk your family’s and your own lives by not wearing seatbelts at all times. See for yourself what happens when people don’t buckle up in the video below.


What is the rule of seat belts in Pakistan?

Drivers of passenger cars, taxis, buses, and other vehicles must wear seatbelts at all times, per Section 89-B (1) of the PMVO. An unbuckled driver faces a fine of 300 rupees.

What are some arguments against wearing seatbelts?

  • An injury could be sustained from the belt
  • The belt makes it difficult to control the car precisely and with ease
  • Do not remain buckled in your vehicle if it is in danger of catching fire or sinking into a body of water

What is the main excuse for not wearing a seatbelt?

  • I worry about being trapped in a wrecked vehicle.
  • There’s no way I can buckle a seat belt around my body. It doesn’t work here
  • Apologies, I lost track of that.
  • What I mean is that I’m just going to be a little further down the road.

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