Information on the Best Dry Battery, including prices in Pakistan for 2023, can be found here. Are you looking for the highest quality dry batteries for your car? If so, you’ve come to the right place to get skinny in a nutshell. Dry batteries in cars contribute significantly to the vehicle’s ability to go at higher speeds. Several manufacturers and labels have contributed to the distribution of high-quality dry-cell batteries for automobiles.

Best Dry Battery Price in Pakistan 2023

There are a lot of battery manufacturers that have entered the Pakistani market within the past two to four years, and they all provide cutting-edge options for a variety of uses. Given the widespread success of these companies, they will likely be mentioned by just a select few. Osaka, Excide, and Daewoo complete the set. Also, we’ll be including the newest battery models and their costs down below. You may get the pricing of a new battery here before heading out to the store.

Daewoo Battery Price List

Daewoo DL-46 4,329 PKR
Daewoo DR-46 4,329 PKR
Daewoo DL-50 4,797 PKR
Daewoo DL-55 5,265 PKR
Exide N100Z 6,300 PKR
Exide EX105 8,100 PKR
Exide NS90 6,300 PKR
Exide N80 5,400 PKR
Exide NS65 5,100 PKR
Exide N70 4,700 PKR
Exide CNG65L 4,800 PKR

Daewoo Battery Price List

Osaka Battery Price List

The Treet Group of Companies has introduced Daewoo Batteries, which require zero upkeep. Thus, you may find them widely throughout Pakistan. Daewoo Batteries are quickly becoming the world’s most popular brand of rechargeable batteries. This is the greatest battery brand on the market since it uses Heavy Calcium Plates Technology to produce high-capacity cells. The business has released two battery models, the 210-ampere-hour and the 175-ampere-hour, on numerous occasions.

UPS Battery Rs. 2,700
BIKE Battery Rs. 3300
Solar Battery Rs. 10,950.
Inverter Battery  Rs. 3300
E-RICKSHAW Battery  Rs. 2899
Automotive Battery Rs. 3,200

Osaka Battery Price List

Exide Battery Price List

Osaka is on the following page! When it comes to producing high-quality automobile batteries, Osaka has long held that crown. These batteries are now being launched to the market and come with a free replacement warranty for the first year. The materials used to construct Osaka batteries are of the highest grade. Batteries come in a wide variety of shapes, capacities, and prices.

Car Rs. 4,700
Motorcycle Rs. 4,700
Light Transport Vehicles Rs. 18,500
Heavy Vehicles Rs. 4,700
Industrial Batteries Rs. 4,700
Locomotive Batteries Rs. 5760
House Hold Solutions Rs. 4,700

Exide Battery Price List


Does dry battery need charging?

This type of battery has been designed for use that does not require recharging, so car owners no longer need to worry about keeping their batteries charged. Dry charged batteries are more long lasting and require less upkeep than their wet charged counterparts.

What is the life of a dry car battery?

  • Three to four years

Which brand of battery lasts longer?

  • Osaka
  • AGS
  • AGS Hybrid
  • Volta
  • Phoenix
  • Exide
  • Atlas

Is dry battery better than normal?

You won’t have to change your battery as often if you choose wet cells because they last considerably longer than dry cells. Also, they are not made with lead-acid. It is possible to discharge a wet-cell battery to 100% without harming the cells because of the battery’s more forgiving discharge rate.

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