Changan introduced the first very elegant automobile in Pakistan, the Changan Alsvin. Changan offered Changan Alsvin an Installment Plan for Consumers to cooperate with Bank Alfalah. The Alsvin is a very ideal choice for every person in Pakistan who looking for a car. You be able without any financial burden an attractive Changan Alsvin through this installment plan. You may pick any plan that you be able to pay easily without financial circumstances. Let’s describe Changan Alsvin as an installment plan for Consumers so that they take advantage of this offer.

Changan Alsvin an Installment Plane for Consumers

Changan Alsvin Installment Plan for Consumers 2023

The Changan Alsvin installment plan for buyers in 2023 offers a practical and cost-effective option to own the most recent version of the well-liked compact car. The program offers consumers affordable loan rates and flexible terms while allowing them to pay for their vehicles in monthly or bimonthly installments. The Changan Alsvin installment plan offers clients a useful way to get on the road, regardless of whether they are first-time automobile buyers or looking to improve their present vehicle. The terms and circumstances of the scheme are not, however, described in detail.

Changan Announced A “Price Lock Policy

The country’s current economic downturn is having a detrimental impact on the local auto industry. Car manufacturers routinely raise costs, while production cuts and delivery delays complicate matters for local assemblers. While other automakers pass on the expense to their consumers, Master Changan Motors Limited (MCML) has instituted a specific “price lock policy” to support and reduce the load on its consumers during high inflation.

The following policy was recently implemented by the company

Customer Group How to secure the price lock
Booked with partial payment
  • The balance payment for the vehicle shall be made 30 days before the projected delivery month as specified on the Purchase Order, according to the new policy. For example, if the consumer’s payment date is January 31st, 2023, the tentative delivery month is March 2023.
  •  If the balance payment is made on the specified day, for example, January 31st, 2023, the price of the vehicle will be locked 30 days before the tentative delivery month. For example, on January 31, 2023, the price will be fixed.
Booked with full payment
  • MCML will give dealers a monthly quota of bookings that demand full payment. Consumers who want to secure a price lock must pay the whole fee at the time of booking, within the total payment cap offered.
  • Consumers who pay in full will receive first-priority delivery.

Changan Announces Special Installment Facility for Car Buyers

Master Changan Motors Limited (MCML) wants to increase its market share by offering numerous incentives to its consumers. The company has implemented a price lock strategy to protect its consumers from prospective price rises.

  • In addition to the previous offer, MCML has created a new promotion in which clients who make partial payments can benefit from a financing option from Bank Alfalah at all dealerships.
  • Consumers will be able to convert the remaining balance payment into manageable monthly payments with this offer.
  • According to recent business data, the company’s market share in Pakistan has increased significantly. It has sold over 30,000 units in the country since it began operations.
  • According to an official document, MCML currently controls 15% of the Pakistani market. Furthermore, the following is a breakdown of the market share for each model in MCML’s lineup:
  • Oshan X7 has a market share of 23%.
  • Alsvin controls 22% of the market.
  • Karvaan controls 48% of the market.


In conclusion, Consumers may pick up easily the Changan Alsvin on an installment when looking for a reliable car. The Alsvin offers excellent value for the money because of its cutting-edge technology, fuel-efficient engine, and roomy interior. You make possible monthly installments whose you should pay easily every month. Don’t pass up the chance to purchase a Changan Alsvin today and begin taking advantage of a convenient and comfortable driving experience.


What is the Changan Alsvin installment plan for consumers in 2023?

Bank Installment with Changan Alsvin

With this payment plan, you may rent the Changan Alvin 2023 model for as little as K+2.49% each month.

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