The Motor Vehicle Authority has increased motorcycle number plate fees from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,450. The new charge has been increased by three hundred percent in the fee. Many local riders do not issue motorcycle license plates despite this significant increase in the fee. Many motorcycle riders wander on the roads and streets without motorcycle number plates. In the past few years, they have paid fines many times to the excise and revenue department. The Motor Vehicle Authority has to step the motorcycle number plate fee Increased due to this cause.

Motorcycle Number Plate Fee Increased

Motorcycle Number Plate Fee Increased

Those purchasing brand new motorcycles must pay the excise and taxes department Rs. 6,160 at the time of registration, which includes Rs. 1,450 for the number plate cost, Rs. 750 for the smart card, Rs. 2,160 for the motorcycle registration charge, and Rs. 1,600 for motor vehicle tax. It is worth noting that demand for motorcycles is expected to rise as consumers seek ways to reduce their petrol expenses in the wake of the government’s announcement of a massive hike in the prices of petroleum products in the country, which have reached an all-time high of Rs. 209.86 for petrol and Rs. 204.15 for high-speed diesel.

Impact of Motorcycle Number Plate Fee Increase

The country’s motorcycle ownership has been significantly impacted by the increase in the motorcycle number plate fee. The additional price has raised the cost of owning a motorcycle, which could be difficult for riders to afford. Fewer customers may be willing to pay the greater costs associated with owning a motorcycle, which could decrease sales for motorcycle dealerships and manufacturers. On the other side, groups that promote road safety may profit from the increased funds brought in by the fee increase, which can be used to support initiatives and programs involving motorcycles. The increase in the cost of motorcycle number plates has a significant effect on several facets of the motorcycle industry as well as national road safety.


In conclusion, the Motor Vehicle Authority has raised the Motorcycle Number Plate Fee. While this change may increase motorcycle owners’ costs, it is vital to remember that a number plate acts as a unique identification for a motorcycle and is a legal requirement for registration, road safety, and taxation. Furthermore, it aids in the recovery of a stolen or lost motorcycle and is required by insurance providers. To maintain road safety and compliance with the law, it is critical to obey the rules and regulations established by the government.


How much are the motorcycle number plate fees in Pakistan?

The motorcycle’s number plate fee is 1,500 Rs. in Pakistan.

How many bikes are registered on my CNIC?

Send a text message to 8147 with your CNIC number (XXXX XXXX XXXX) but no dashes.

How can I get a number plate in Pakistan?

Documents Required

  • A photocopy of the applicant’s CNIC.
  • Application for new car registration with the Excise & Taxation Officer.
  • Evidence of payment

How do I check my bike number plate status?

You can check your bike number plate status through these sites.


Do police scan your number plate?

Police departments and other law enforcement organizations employ number plate readers, also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), which is an image-processing technology, for a variety of purposes.

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