In the Punjab province of Pakistan, you can check the registration information of a motorcycle online. To do this, you need to visit the official website of the Excise and Taxation Department of Punjab. By entering the registration number of the motorcycle, you can find details such as its make, model, registration date, and other relevant information. This online service is useful for people who want to check the details of a motorcycle before purchasing it, as well as for current owners who want to keep track of their bike’s registration status. It can also be used to check if a motorcycle is stolen or if it is registered properly.

Online Motorcycle Verification Punjab

Individuals in Punjab, Pakistan, can acquire crucial information about a motorcycle by simply inputting the registration number into the online vehicle verification system. This service is provided by the Punjab Excise and Taxation Department and may be accessed through their official website.

After entering the registration number, the system will display information such as the motorcycle’s make and model, the name of the registered owner, the engine and chassis number, the type of gasoline used, and the registration’s expiration date. This information can be used to check the validity of a car before purchasing it, to guarantee that the motorcycle’s registration and taxes are current, and it can even be utilized for legal purposes if necessary. Individuals can also check the status of a pending registration or renewal, as well as any overdue taxes or fines linked with the vehicle, using the system. Overall, the online vehicle verification system in Punjab provides users with a quick and fast means to obtain crucial motorcycle information.

Punjab Excise and Taxation Department

The Punjab Excise and Taxation Department provides a facility that allows anyone to verify the registration information of a car by entering the registration number. Individuals can use this service to view information such as the brand and model of the motorcycle, the name of the registered owner, the engine and chassis number, the type of fuel used, and the registration expiration date. Individuals can also check the status of a pending registration or renewal, as well as any overdue taxes or fines linked with the vehicle, using the system.

Motorcycle Registration Number Check Online Punjab


The motorcycle registration check service is available via the Punjab Excise and Taxation Department’s official website. The method is straightforward, quick, and secure; simply enter the motorcycle’s registration number, and the system will reveal all of the motorcycle’s details.

This service is useful for a variety of purposes, including purchasing a secondhand motorcycle, checking the status of a motorcycle’s registration, and ensuring that the bike’s taxes and fines are current. It also aids in the verification of the motorcycle’s legitimacy and can be used for legal purposes if necessary.

It should be noted that the car registration check service is only accessible for bikes registered in the Pakistani province of Punjab.

  • Follow these instructions to access the province’s online motorcycle verification MTMIS Punjab, MTMIS, and MTMIS Islamabad.

How to Use the Portal for Verification?

  • Simply enter the registration number of the vehicle you want to learn more about on the portal’s home page.
  • When you enter the registration number and press the search button, the system will search all of the records for information that fits your query.

The web gateway will then show you the following information:

  1. Registration Date
  2. Model Year
  3. Engine Number
  4. Owner’s Name (Individual or Company)
  5. Tax Paid or Due
  6. Vehicle Body Type

A second table will appear on the screen containing the Owner’s data, including the Owner’s Name, Father’s Name, and City. All former and current owners’ names will be displayed. Depending on where you live in the country, you may be required to attend the excise agency and pay the taxes. What addresses must you check in for Verification Online? If you are in Punjab, the following websites will get you to the appropriate place in minutes. You must properly log in to the respective province’s vehicle verification website by following our MTMIS Punjab requirements.

Visit this website:


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How can I check my motorcycle registration in Punjab?

By inputting your vehicle’s registration number into the Pak Post Tracking System on You may track your smart cards and number plates online.

How to check vehicle registration details online in Pakistan?

Visit these sites for online vehicle verification in Pakistan

What is the vehicle code of Punjab?

The vehicle’s registration number is PB02-1234, where PB denotes Punjab, 02 denotes the Amritsar RTO, and 1234 denotes the licence plate number.

How to find vehicle registration number from chassis number in Pakistan?

Launch the SMS programme on your smartphone. The chassis number of your car should entered in the text field as CNO ABCXXXXX. Send it now to 8521. All information will send to you through SMS.

What is E Tag Pakistan?

The technology uses RFID chips fitted on windscreens of cars to read information from electronic readers at toll plazas about each arriving vehicle. It makes toll collection in the nation error-free and removes all time-consuming and unnecessary procedures.

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