Rickshaw loaders are often used as a manner of transporting goods in Pakistan. These rickshaw loaders are cheaper than other mode of transportation, especially in urban areas. The price of rickshaw loaders can consist of factors like engine size, features, and brand. Engine capacity is an essential part as it causes the rickshaw loaders’ speed, load capacity, and fuel efficiency. In this article, we will mention the of rickshaw loaders 100cc, 200cc, 300cc, and 1500cc price in Pakistan. Let’s know the Rickshaw Loader 100cc,200cc,300cc, and 150cc Prices in Pakistan.

Rickshaw Loader 100cc,200cc,300cc, and 150cc 2024 Price in Pakistan

Rickshaw Loader 100cc Price

United Autos is a reputable automaker in Pakistan, cranking out anything from motorbikes and rickshaws to loaders. Providing quality vehicles at reasonable prices, the company has become increasingly popular in Pakistan. The United loader 100cc 2024 is a well-liked model because it provides a low-priced, flexible choice for transporting items. In Pakistan, a United loader rickshaw with a 100cc engine will set you back PKR 155,500.

Rickshaw Loader 100cc Price 2024

Rickshaw Loader 150cc Price

The price of the new model of the Loader Rickshaw 2024 has been released in Pakistan. The most recent prices for the Siwa 150cc were disclosed in Pakistan after the dollar rate changed. Young people in Pakistan purchase this inexpensive rickshaw since it is long-lasting and has the best fuel average. It is recommended that you use a Siwa cargo loader 1500cc rickshaw for the transportation of cargo inside the city. The price of a 150cc model is 290,000 Pakistan Rupees.

Rickshaw Loader 150cc Price 2024


Rickshaw Loader 200cc Price

The new Loader Rickshaw 2024 model’s cost in Pakistan has been released. After a recent change in the value of the dollar in Pakistan, Siwa 200cc pricing has been made public. Its low price and high average fuel efficiency have made it popular among young Pakistanis. Cargo transportation in the city is best served by the Siwa cargo loader 200cc rickshaw. The cost for a 200cc model is Rs. 375,000.

Rickshaw Loader 200cc Price 2024


Rickshaw Loader 300cc Price

The most recent pricing information for a crown loader rickshaw in Pakistan lists it at somewhere between 2.5 and 5 lac rupees. The cost is variable depending on the dimensions of the loader trolley and the engine. You will need to budget 600,000 rupees if you want to purchase a 300cc Crown loader together with a 10-foot trolley.

Rickshaw Loader 300cc Price 2024



In conclusion, many individuals and businesses in Pakistan depend on rickshaw loaders as their primary means of transportation. There are a variety of possibilities available from different manufacturers, whether you are searching for a model that is smaller and more maneuverable and has 100 cc or one that is more powerful and has 300 cc. In this piece, we take a look at some of the most well-known rickshaw loader models sold in Pakistan, including the United loader 100cc, the Crown loader 200cc, the Siwa loader 150cc, and the Road Prince loader 300cc, and discuss their respective prices as well as the specifications of their engines.  If you have the correct rickshaw loader, you may have a ride that is both comfortable and dependable for yourself as an individual, as well as efficiently deliver items and build your business.


What is the price of a high-speed rickshaw 150 in Pakistan?

The most recent price listed for the Hi-Speed Infinity 150 is 265,000 Pakistani Rupees. Price of Hi-Speed 150 in Pakistan The recommended retail price for the Hi-Speed 150 is Rs. 225,000.

What is the price of a 300cc crown loader in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, you can purchase an SN Electric Loader 300 KG Closed Body for Rs 600,000.

What is the price of the Tez Raftar loader 150cc in Pakistan?

The price of PKR 435,000 for a TEZ RAFTAR 150cc LOADER with a loading capacity of 800 to 1000 kilograms.

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