Tez Raftar Rickshaw is what people are looking for right now. In terms of economic development, Pakistan is near the bottom of the world. Also, it is still in its early stages of growth. A large percentage of the population is now unable to afford even the most basic of necessities. Furthermore, not all Pakistanis have access to private transportation. That’s because neither of them can afford to buy one for themselves.

Tez Raftar Rickshaw 6 Seater Exterior

Those in the nation who can’t afford to take the bus go another route. In the same way that we utilise buses and Rickshaws. Yet, some low-income people rely on rickshaws as their primary means of transportation to market. They provide a pick-up and drop-off service to customers in exchange for payment. Hence, motor vehicles such as cars, bicycles, and trucks are built with the privileged in mind. Poor people should be included in the construction of even the most basic vehicles, like rickshaws.

Tez Rafter Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2023

The price of Tez Rafter Rickshaw 2023 in Pakistan is PKR 326,000 to 398,000.

Different Variants

Model Factory Price
Tez Raftar 150cc 4-Stroke Cargo Loader Rs. 259,520
Tez Raftar 150cc Motorcycle Loader – TR150-A(B) with Power Gear Rs. 333,000
Tez Raftar 200cc Auto Rickshaw Loader – CARGO BOX Rs. 409,000
Tez Raftar 200cc Auto Rickshaw (3-Seater) Rs. 315,000
Tez Raftar 200cc Auto  (6-Seater) – SIXER Rs. 348,000
Tez Raftar 200cc Auto Rickshaw (10-Seater) – PICK UP Rs. 373,000
Tez Raftar 200cc Motorcycle Loader (Auto Dumper) with Booster Rs. 469,000
Tez Raftar 200cc Auto Rickshaw Loader – RUSTAM PLUS Rs. 379,000
Tez Raftar 150cc Motorcycle Loader HI-CABIN with Power Gear Rs. 348,000
Tez Raftar 200cc Auto Rickshaw Loader – SOHRAB PLUS Rs. 369,000
Tez Raftar 200cc Auto Rickshaw Loader XXL- Rs. 411,000
Tez Raftar 200cc Auto Rickshaw (3-Seater) – SUPREME Red Rs. 319,000
Tez Raftar 200cc Auto Rickshaw (6-Seater) – F2F Rs. 338,000


The appearance of the rickshaw is modern and simplistic, with just one front dead light. There are only three wheels on the rickshaw. Its exterior is a vibrant yellow and green. The rickshaw also receives a shiny silver finish. Some rickshaw drivers even set up the rickshaws so that the passengers can enter and exit through the side doors, which provides an extra layer of protection. Many firms in Pakistan have introduced rickshaws for the low-income population. They are made in a way that meets the needs of low-income individuals without much difficulty. As a service to the public, it can serve as a means of support for their own lives as well as a source of income. This page describes the Tez rafter rickshaw, which is often used in Pakistan.

Tez Raftar Rickshaw 6 Seater Exterior

Colors Options

  • White
  • Silver
  • Green
  • Blue


The Tez rafter rickshaw can run on either CNG or gasoline as its fuel source. Moreover, it can hold five litres of gas. The bike has four forward gears and one reverse gear. The rickshaw has a respectable mileage of 50-70 kilometres per tank of gas, which is standard for rickshaws of its type.


  • Power steering
  • Speed control system
  • Leather seats.
  • Side mirrors.
  • Air cooling system for the engine
  • Little screen on the steering shows the mileage and performance


Engine 4 Stroke
Displacement 200 cc
Type Three Wheeler
Front Brake Mechanical Leather
Rear Brakes Hydraulic Type
Headlight Single
Seating Capacity 6

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