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Now, everyone is looking for the 6 Seater Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2023 since this product has recently entered the market, and those who want to buy now are able to take the price into consideration. The companies that manufacture Rickshaws have recently begun producing new types of rickshaws with six seats in order to give their customers additional space and amenities. The number of available seats has been expanded so that a greater number of people will be able to travel with ease by utilizing this public transport and will be able to ride in comfort.

6 Seater Rickshaw 2023 Price In Pakistan

6 Seater Rickshaw 2023 Price In Pakistan

The expected price of Rickshaw 2023 is 306,000 to 355,000 PKR in Pakistan.

Different Variants

Variants Factory Price
6 Seater Rickshaw

6 seats, 200 cc, 6 gear present

306,000 to 355,000 PKR

Pros and Cons

  • Spacious seats
  • Smooth driving experience
  • Backup battery
  • Close bike problems
  • Sometimes problem to engine


It just has one headlight up front and is comprised of three wheels in total. Despite the fact that there are only two indicator lights located at the rear of the rickshaw. The majority of the body is painted in the colour yellow, but in order to incorporate a fresh element of creativity into the six-seater rickshaw, a touch of blue paint was applied.

6 Seater Rickshaw Exterior

United 6 Seater Rickshaw Interior

Tires connected to the wheels via a suspension system allow for relative motion between the wheels and the vehicle. The rickshaw’s front and rear suspension are two distinct systems. A hydraulic shock absorber serves as the front suspension. While a leaf spring and shock absorber make up the rear suspension. The front and rear brakes of the rickshaw have separate systems. Mechanical drum brakes are up front, while hydraulic disc brakes are at the back.

Colors Options

  • Yellow
  • Blue


The rickshaw can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h, which is quite fast for vehicles of its type. A maximum of 32 kilometers per liter of fuel is achieved. The rickshaw’s overall effectiveness is remarkable.

6 Seater Rickshaw Features

  • 12V DC as an electrical system
  • Headlight of 35 W 12 V.
  • Horn is 82-85 DB.
  • Pipe frame structural chassis type.
  • Four stroke water cooled Engine
  • Catalyst
  • Kickstarter
  • Crash bar
  • Topcase
  • Heating Handles
  • Disc Brake
  • Front Suspension
  • Hydraulic Shock Absorber

6 Seater Rickshaw Specifications

  • The engine type is Four stroke water cooled.
  • The displacement of the rickshaw is 200 cc.
  • The power of the rickshaw is 10.5 x 7000 KWR/R/MIN.
  • The torque is 15 NMX 5500 KWR/R/MIN.
  • The transmission type is 5 Speed constant Mesh.
  • The clutch type is Multi Wet Plates.
  • A total of 6 gears are present.

6 Seater Rickshaw Competitors

Their is no direct competitors of 6 Seater Rickshaw.


What is the price of Rickshaw?

  • 306,000 to 355,000 PKR

Is Rickshaw is a reliable vehical?

Yes, 6 seater is a reliable vehicle.

If you were to guess, how fast could a Rickshaw go?

  • 90 Km/H

To what extent does the 6 Person Rickshaw has displacement?

  • 200 cc
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