The 12 Seater Auto Rickshaw is an extreme vehicle. Which is ready to come into the Pakistan market in 2024. This 12-seater auto rickshaw is designed for the transportation needs of large groups, such as villager passengers, and school children. This auto rickshaw’s capacity is 12 passengers. The 12-seater auto rickshaw should provide a reliable and affordable mode of transportation solution for many in Pakistan. This rickshaw has a range of features and specifications, such as comfortable seating, luggage space, and a powerful engine. The 12 Seater Auto Rickshaw is keenly waiting for its arrival in the Pakistan market. Let’s complete the detailed 12-seater Auto Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2024 Specifications 

12-Seater Auto Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2024 Specifications

12-Seater Auto Rickshaw


12-Seater Auto Rickshaw Price In Pakistan 2024

Thus, the 12-seater auto rickshaw pricing in Pakistan 2024 has not yet been made public on the company’s official website. Yet, reports on the market indicate that it is widely accessible for around 4 lakhs PKR. The fluctuating value of the dollar is the primary factor in the decision to bury the prices. Automotive industry forecasts for 2024 are notoriously inaccurate. There was no warning of the sudden price increase, and the buyer nonetheless went ahead and bought it. Customers are still considering making a purchase, thus production will keep running no matter the cost.


The manufacturer modified this two-stroke rickshaw to a green 4-stroke engine. The local engine can power 12 road passengers with 200cc horsepower. This unit also has a huge headlight, 2 side-by-side lights, rear indicators, a windscreen wiper, hand break, self-start, and more. The table below lists 12-seater auto rickshaw specs.

Engine Displacement 200cc
Engine Type 4-stroke, water-cooling
Front Brake Mechanical, Leather
Rear Brakes Hydraulic Disc Type
Seating Capacity 12
Cabin 81” x 52” x 15”/ 61”/75”
Color Options Yellow
Loading Capacity 550-65000 KGs
Fuel Power CNG and Petrol
Seat Fabric Shine aesthetic leather with a waterproof cover


To sum up, the 12-seater Auto Rickshaw is a flexible and useful vehicle that will serve a large number of people in Pakistan by providing an inexpensive and dependable mode of transportation. The auto rickshaw is a great economical and practical choice for transporting big groups of people, such as families or businesses, because of its roomy interior, low operating costs, and high fuel efficiency. The vehicle has a number of features that make it suitable for both short and long trips, such as a powerful engine, hydraulic shock absorbers, and comfortable seating. For individuals in need of a larger vehicle at a reasonable price, the 12-Seater Auto Rickshaw is a viable alternative in Pakistan. As a whole, the 12-Seater Auto Rickshaw is poised to become the go-to option for Pakistanis seeking a dependable and low-priced method of public transit.


What is the price of the 12-seater auto-rickshaw 2023 model?

12 Seater Auto Rickshaw price is Rs. 400,000 Lakh

Is the 12-seater auto rickshaw business profitable?

Outstanding Efficiency With more torque and horsepower, a 12-seater auto rickshaw can accelerate quickly and climb hills with ease.

What is the benefit of 12 seater auto rickshaw?

Used by the country’s lower and middle classes as a cheap means of transportation. There is significantly less pavement damage from them than from trucks and cars since they are less likely to have serious accidents. As a result, fewer dollars will be spent on keeping the highway in good condition.

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