Sazgar is going to launch a new Electric Rickshaw with new feature and design. Sazgar Electric Rickshaw 2023 Price in Pakistan is 750,000/- PKR approximately. Sazgar is a well-kn2qow n tricycle manufacturer that has started development of an all-electric rickshaw, eVe, that has a range of 100 kilometers on a single charge. Customers can learn more about Sazgar electric rickshaws with 100km range reserve. According to the company, eVe saves the consumer approximately PKR 226,800 per year in fuel and PKR 66,000 in maintenance. This rickshaw features dual Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and ambient lighting and is designed to meet the needs of today’s. You can check latest Sazgar Electric Rickshaw 2023 Price in Pakistan with new shape and design.

Sazgar Electric Rickshaw 2023 Price in Pakistan

Sazgar is considered a pioneer in manufacturing 7-seater auto rickshaws in Pakistan.  It is the largest minicab manufacturer in Karachi and exports its products worldwide. The company’s goal is to improve the quality and performance of its products by testing new shapes and technologies. They want to lead their competitors by designing lightened rickshaws. This is estimated cost of sazgar auto rickshaw.

Model Price in PKR Estimated
Sazgar Electric Rickshaw 2023 model 750000/- PKR

Sazgar Electric Rickshaw 2023 Specifications

Battery 72V, 90Ah, 6.5 Kw/h Charging Time 4 hours
Approx Range 100 Km/h Gross Weight 370 Kg
Motor 2 Kw/h Front Brake Disc
Front Suspension Hydraulic Shock Absorption Rear Brake Disc
Rear Suspension Leaf Spring Shock Absorber    

Sazgar Electric Rickshaw 2023 Features

  • two DRLs
  • Ambient lighting
  • Automatic shift knob rotation
  • Electronic speedometer
  • Handlebar cover
  • USB interface
  • Textured driver and passenger seats in shades of blue
  • Exterior in contrasting color

Sazgar Electric Rickshaw 2023 Price in Pakistan

Sazgar Electric Rickshaw 2023 Price in Pakistan

Sazgar Rickshaw Shape and Design 2023 model

It flaunts a perfect modern aesthetic while translating the style language of a tricycle: it is equipped with dual daytime running lights (DRLs) and ambient lighting. The rational automatic shift knob, on the other hand, selects between three driving modes: Reverse, Neutral and Drive.

Sazgar Ekectric Rickshaw Top Speed

Top speed of Sazgar elecetric rickshaw is 90 Km/h.

Final Words

In final Verdict, Sazgar is considered a pioneer in manufacturing 7-seater auto rickshaws in Pakistan.  It is the largest minicab manufacturer in Karachi and exports its products worldwide. The company’s goal is to improve the quality and performance of its products by testing new shapes and technologies. Sazgar Electric Rickshaw 2023 Price in Pakistan with latest features, Specs, and new design.


What is the expected Price of Sazgar Electric rickshaw 2023 model?

The expected price of Electric rickshaw is 750000/- PKR.

What is the top speed of Sazgar electric rickshaw 2023 model?

90 Km/h

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