Before making a purchase of a used type of car, you must confirm the ownership record, excise taxation record, and other documentation. The process of verifying vehicles used to be exceedingly challenging. But thanks to modern technology, this process has become incredibly straightforward and well-organized. Through SMS or the internet, you can quickly obtain all the necessary information regarding the ownership of any vehicle. Additionally, the Excise and Taxation Department is fully explained. You must read and complete this article in order to verify vehicle ownership and documentation online or via SMS.

Verify Ownership and Documents of Vehicles Online or SMS

Verify Ownership and Documents of Vehicles Online or SMS

Purchasing a used car is problematic, especially if you don’t know how to check the proper documents. However, if you are able to look up the car’s registration information, you might be prepared to arrange a good deal and purchase a vehicle for less money than a similar first-hand vehicle. In Pakistan, you can now check vehicle registration through the internet or SMS if the idea of standing in long lines to have your car’s registration information verified has turned you off. The sole prerequisite is having a mobile phone that can send SMS messages. What kind of information can you expect to get? The SMS would be sent where? Please read this blog post all the way through as it will answer all of your questions.

How to Verify Vehicle Ownership and Documents in Pakistan

The post has all the answers to your questions about car registration, including “Pakistan car registration check,” “car registration check,” “vehicle verification Punjab,” and “how to check car registration online.” There are two simplest methods in Pakistan for checking a vehicle’s registration.

  • Via MTMIS
  • By sending an SMS

Online vehicle registration checks are simple to complete in Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Islamabad in Pakistan. In Balochistan, the government is preparing to make efforts to introduce a similar service. You can find out any car’s registration information using an easy offline method like sending an SMS in addition to the online vehicle ownership verification services that are provided for the Pakistani cities mentioned above. We’ll first look at the simplest method for checking a vehicle’s registration via SMS before talking about how to check a vehicle’s ownership online.

How to Check Vehicle Verification Through SMS

You can find the necessary links to check a car’s verification online by simply searching for “car ownership check in Pakistan.” In Pakistan, there are several ways to check a car’s registration online, but there is also an offline system that lets you send an SMS to get information about a car. The cost of sending the SMS is just 50 paisa. In Sindh or KPK, there is no SMS service available to confirm vehicle registration. In Islamabad, you can learn how to check a vehicle’s registration via SMS. Additionally, it is a quick way to perform a “car number check.

Vehicle Registration Process in Punjab Via SMS

  • The SMS window on your smartphone should be opened.
  • Send your vehicle’s registration number to 8785 by keying it in.
  • You will learn the following information about the vehicle you requested: the Owner’s name, the Chassis number, the Engine number, the Make, the Registration date, and the Token paid.
  • This is especially useful if a police officer needs to look up the registration information for your car offline. They only need to send an SMS to the aforementioned number to get the results they need.

Vehicle Registration Process in Islamabab Via SMS

  • Launch the text message window on your smartphone.
  • Send it to 8521 after including the vehicle registration number.
  • Your updates will arrive in just a few seconds.

Check Vehicle Verification Online

To check a car’s details online, use a web browser and paste the MTMIS website address. You need to enter the vehicle’s number in capital letters on the vehicle verification screen that appears. Please be aware that Pakistan uses a variety of license plates. Put the number where it is indicated in the box. Write the number appropriately if there are dashes. On the website page, various types of combinations are displayed for reference. You may check Pakistani automobile registration on 4 different websites.


In conclusion, our online car verification service makes it easy for people and corporations to check the ownership and paperwork of any vehicle. The service is simply available for anyone in need because it may be reached via our website or by sending an SMS. We are able to deliver accurate and up-to-date information in a couple of seconds by utilizing innovative technologies. Whether you’re a car dealer, a government organization, or an individual, our online vehicle verification service is the ideal option for all of your vehicle verification requirements. It is a critical step in avoiding the purchase of stolen vehicles and safeguarding your money. We hope you will find we verify ownership and document of vehicles online or SMS article butter.


How To Verify Vehicle Ownership in Pakistan Via Mobile?

  • Start up the SMS program on your smartphone.
  • The chassis number of your car should be entered in the text field as CNO ABCXXXXX.
  • Send to 8521
  • In a matter of seconds, you will receive all the necessary information as follows

How can I verify ownership and documents of Vehicles through CNIC?

Online vehicle and document verification 2023 by CNIC has been implemented by the Punjab Excise & Taxation Department. For their vehicle verification, all Punjabi vehicle owners should go to

How can I verify ownership and documents of vehicles in Punjab?

The only thing you have to do is SMS the vehicle’s registration number to 8785. You will receive a system-generated response with all the necessary information shortly. You can use this service at any time of the day.

How to Check Vehicle Registration in Pakistan Online?


Can Punjab police check vehicle documents?

A citizen must ensure that a vehicle is not stolen and has no records in any police station in Punjab before buying or transporting it. Visit any PKM location to complete a vehicle verification.


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