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In today’s world, where theft and fraudulent activities are on the rise, it is crucial to ensure the authenticity and legality of our assets, including vehicles. The Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) in Karachi, Pakistan, has taken a significant step in this direction by introducing the CPLC Bike Verification Number. This unique identification number allows bike owners to verify their registration and safeguard their vehicles from theft and illegal activities.

What is CPLC Bike Verification Number?

The CPLC Bike Verification Number is a unique identification code assigned to registered bikes in Karachi, Pakistan. It serves as a proof of registration and helps authorities and bike owners track and identify stolen or unlawfully used bikes. This initiative by CPLC aims to reduce bike theft and enhance security measures for bike owners in Karachi.

Importance of CPLC Bike Verification Number

The CPLC Bike Verification Number holds immense importance for bike owners in Karachi. Here are a few reasons why obtaining and verifying this number is crucial:

Enhanced Security: By having a CPLC Bike Verification Number, bike owners can enhance the security of their vehicles and protect themselves from potential theft or illegal usage.

Proof of Ownership: The verification number acts as proof of ownership and registration, making it easier for bike owners to establish their legal rights over their vehicles.

Track Stolen Bikes: In case of theft, the CPLC Bike Verification Number enables the authorities to track and recover stolen bikes more efficiently, increasing the chances of reuniting owners with their vehicles.

Prevent Fraudulent Transactions: Potential buyers can verify the CPLC Bike Verification Number to ensure that the bike they are purchasing is not stolen or involved in any fraudulent activities.

Law Enforcement Cooperation: The CPLC Bike Verification Number facilitates cooperation between bike owners, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders, creating a collaborative effort to combat bike theft and improve overall security.

How to Obtain a CPLC Bike Verification Number?

Obtaining a CPLC Bike Verification Number is a straightforward process. Bike owners in Karachi can follow these steps to acquire their unique verification number:

Visit the CPLC Office: Visit the CPLC office in Karachi or the designated CPLC center to initiate the registration process. Ensure you carry all the required documents, including proof of ownership, bike registration documents, and your identification.

Submit the Documents: Provide the necessary documents to the CPLC representative for verification. This step ensures the authenticity of the bike’s ownership and legal registration.

Pay the Fee: Pay the designated fee for the CPLC Bike Verification Number. The fee may vary, so it is advisable to inquire about the current charges at the CPLC office.

Receive the Verification Number: After completing the registration process and verification, you will receive your CPLC Bike Verification Number. Ensure to keep this number secure and easily accessible for future use.

Steps to Verify Bike Registration Online

Thanks to technological advancements, bike owners in Karachi can now verify their registration online using the CPLC website. Follow these steps to verify your bike registration online:

Visit the CPLC Website: Go to the CPLC website ( and navigate to the bike verification section.

Enter Bike Details: Enter the required details of your bike, such as the registration number, chassis number, and engine number. Make sure to provide accurate information for a successful verification process.

Submit the Information: Once you have entered the bike details, click on the “Verify” or “Submit” button to initiate the verification process.

Verification Result: The CPLC website will display the verification result, indicating whether the bike registration is valid or not. If the registration is valid, you can proceed with confidence knowing that your bike is legally registered.

Save the Verification Result: It is advisable to save a copy or take a screenshot of the verification result for future reference. This can serve as proof of the verification process.

Benefits of Online Verification

The introduction of online verification for bike registration through the CPLC website offers several benefits to bike owners in Karachi. Some of these advantages include:

Convenience: Bike owners can verify their bike registration from the comfort of their homes or any location with internet access, eliminating the need to visit physical offices or centers.

Time-Saving: Online verification saves valuable time by providing instant results. Bike owners can quickly check the registration status without undergoing lengthy processes or waiting in queues.

Accessibility: The online verification system is available 24/7, allowing bike owners to verify their registration at any time that suits them best.

Cost-Effective: Online verification eliminates the need for additional travel expenses or physical paperwork, resulting in cost savings for bike owners.

Efficiency: The online verification system is designed to provide accurate and reliable results, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for bike owners.

By leveraging the benefits of online verification, bike owners can proactively safeguard their vehicles and ensure their legal status.

CPLC Bike Verification Number Karachi Online Check 2023

CPLC Bike Verification Number Karachi Online Check 2023

CPLC Bike Verification Karachi

Those who have recently registered their bikes as well as those who have registered their bikes in the past will be able to check the registration status of their bikes quickly and conveniently using this approach. To check the current registration status of your motorcycle, simply dial the provided Cplc number and provide the requested information. Time is saved, and the process is simple and straightforward.

CPLC Bike Verification Karachi Contact Number

  • For verification call 021-35662222 or 021-35682222

Check the Online Registration Number

  • Visit the excise, taxation, and narcotics control department website.
  • When you open that website you will see 2 options Four Wheeler’s verification or Two Wheelers Verification.
  • Now choose which vehicle you want to check for.
  • After this, enter the Registration Number which is written on the documents of your vehicle.
  • Now you just click on the submit button and that’s it.

You can expect to find the following details on that page.

  • You get the registration number
  • Registration Date
  • Tax payment
  • Engine number
  • Owner Name
  • Class of Vehicle
  • Horse Power
  • Make or Model year
  • Safe Custody
  • CPLC
  • Seating Capacity
  • Remarks

The role of the Department of Excise, Taxes, and Narcotics in raising revenue is crucial. Its primary functions are tax collection and the prevention of illegal drug use. The Excise and Taxes Department collects a variety of taxes in Sindh Province. This is the Bike Verification Number Karachi Online Check for the time being. I think that covers everything, though. By providing buyers with information on an automobile before they buy it, these services help reduce car theft. If you were looking for the CPLC Bike Verification Number in Karachi, you now have all the information you need. This website is a great resource for learning more about related topics including education and technology, as well as for reading the latest Pakistani news. This gateway serves a useful purpose, as a result.


Q: Is the CPLC Bike Verification Number mandatory for all bikes in Karachi?

A: Yes, the CPLC Bike Verification Number is mandatory for all registered bikes in Karachi to enhance security and prevent theft.

Q: Can I verify the registration of a used bike before purchasing it?

A: Yes, potential buyers can verify the CPLC Bike Verification Number of a used bike to ensure its authenticity and legality.

Q: What should I do if my bike is stolen or goes missing?

A: In case of theft or a missing bike, report the incident to the police immediately and provide them with the CPLC Bike Verification Number for better chances of recovery.

Q: Can I transfer the CPLC Bike Verification Number to another person if I sell my bike?

A: No, the CPLC Bike Verification Number is non-transferable and remains tied to the original bike owner.

Q: Is the online verification process secure and reliable?

A: Yes, the CPLC website ensures secure and reliable online verification to protect user information and provide accurate results.


The CPLC Bike Verification Number in Karachi plays a crucial role in enhancing the security and authenticity of registered bikes. By obtaining and verifying this unique identification code, bike owners can protect their vehicles from theft, establish proof of ownership, and contribute to a safer community. The online verification system further simplifies the process, offering convenience and accessibility to bike owners. Remember to obtain your CPLC Bike Verification Number and regularly verify your bike’s registration to ensure peace of mind and a secure biking experience.

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