If you’re like the average car buyer, you probably don’t give much thought to when you last had your tyres changed. When I got my first automobile, I didn’t give much thought to the tyres until I was stuck in the middle of the highway with one of them flat. This was due to my ignorance of the obvious fact that the tyres were well past their prime. Many of us are probably guilty of this since, like a typical Indian, we place more importance on the car’s gas mileage than we do on the tyres’ age limit. So how do we avoid encountering such predicaments in the future? This article aims to provide a quick primer on when and how to verify the manufacturing date of your tyres. How To Check Tyre Manufacturing Date.How To Check Tyre Manufacturing Date

How to determine the tyre production date?

Finding the tyres’ production date . Seek out the four-digit number on the outer surface of the sidewall before making a purchase. A tyre with the production number “0902” indicates that it was manufactured during the 9th week of 2002, or the fourth week of February that year (between date 26th Feb 2002 – 4th Mar 2002).

How To Check the Age of a Tyre

  • By deciphering the code on the tire’s sidewall, you can learn how old it is.
  • The first two numbers in the four-digit code on a tyre’s sidewall indicate the manufacture week, and the last two numbers indicate the manufacturing year.
  • Knowing the age of a tyre is essential for making a claim under a warranty covering a problem in that tyre.
  • The date of purchase serves as the starting point for the tyre warranty, not the date of production.


What is the age limit for tyres?

  • Ten-years age limit of a good tyre

Do tires expire if not used?

Tires have a shelf life of between 6- 10 years, depending on how they are stored and the conditions surrounding them.

When should tyres be replaced?

Even if the tread isn’t worn down, a tyre still needs to be replaced every 5 or 6 years. This is done to ensure the car’s security.

How To Check Tyre Manufacturing Date?

You can think of the date stamped on your tyres’ sidewall as the equivalent of a “best if used by” label on food. There are four digits followed by DOT, and no other symbols. Dates like “1212” indicate production occurred during the 12th week of 2012 and the year 2012, respectively.

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